Dynamo returns for first time after Crohn's battle with exclusive look at show

Dynamo has returned to our screens for the first time since his battle with Crohn’s disease in an exclusive look at his new show Beyond Belief.

Over the last few years, the star opened up on his illness underneath a picture of himself with a swollen face where he spoke about his on going fight.

However, it looks as though the 37-year-old is back fighting fit, and has dropped a brand new trailer for his upcoming series.

Talking about his latest project, the magician said: ‘I’ve always been a great believer in magic as a unifying force and so three years ago I set out to make a show for people who felt isolated from society, in the same way as I did during my struggles with chronic illness.’

He added: ‘I believe that the resulting trilogy is my best work to date and I hope everyone enjoys watching it just as much as I did making it.’

The series will run for three one-hour episodes, seeing Dynamo travel across the globe and explore the likes of Tokyo and San Miguel De Allende.

He’ll also document his personal road to recovery, from the start of his illness all the way through to where he was hospitalised – with boredom forcing him to generate more than 200 new magic tricks from his hospital bed.

Back in 2018, Dynamo spoke to BT where he explained: ‘The pain is different for everyone who has it, but it’s excruciating for me.

‘Still to this day I wake up every morning in pain, the first hour of my day is taken up, I’m usually on the toilet for a long time in pain, [with] stomach cramps, sometimes internal bleeding.’

He continued: ‘I have different things that I do, like heat treatments and certain meditations to get myself in a comfortable position to feel ready to get dressed and face the world. And it is very restricting on diet.’

The star also previously told The Sun: ‘Once I had popcorn for a snack and spent two weeks in the hospital. If I’m out all day I bring my meals in Tupperware boxes.’

In 2018 he took to Instagram to share a picture of himself with a swollen face after receiving treatment for his condition.

The snap was an honest and open representation of what the star is going through, but even though he is clearly having a difficult time, it seems he still has his sense of humour as he captioned the photo: ‘#NoFilter’.

Dynamo: Beyond Belief will launch 9 April on Sky One and NOW TV.

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