Eamonn Holmes admits wife Ruth refused him a mobility scooter ‘Dismissed very quickly’

Eamonn Holmes reveals wife Ruth refuses to let him have a mobility scooter

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Eamonn Holmes recently opened up about his health struggles as he described the pain he’s been suffering from a trapped sciatic nerve. The presenter has admitted the pain is sometimes so severe it has left him struggling to walk. While hosting GB News’ breakfast show on Wednesday morning, Eamonn revealed he’d considered buying a mobility scooter to aid him amid his health challenges. However, he confessed the idea was swiftly shot down by his wife Ruth Langsford.

Eamonn chatted about the rising popularity of e-scooters on GB News with Martin Daubney and Jon Smith.

Jon made it clear he wasn’t keen on the idea of older people using e-scooters to get around.

He said: “When you get a little bit older you tend to lose a sense of balance and you lose a bit of confidence.

“When you’re 26 or 36 you don’t care,” Jon added.

However, Eamonn soon turned the conversation to an alternative mode of transport for older people.

The presenter commented: “You know when you lift up the newspapers and there’s a section always in the newspapers to deal with health?

“Have you ever seen the adverts on mobility scooters? They’re not just the way you would think.

“They’re not just like a basket and you go at two miles per hour.

“You can get four wheel versions of them as well,” Eamonn enthused.

“You can get a GTX version,” Jon remarked.

Eamonn replied: “You can, all looking good and there’s a sort of roll bar cage over the top and whatever and it’s gonna look good.”

However, the presenter revealed his wife Ruth wasn’t too keen on the idea of him driving one himself.

He said: “I happened to suggest this to my wife, that I think ‘Would this be an idea?’

“This was dismissed very quickly,” Eamonn confessed.

Jon seemed to be in agreement with Ruth, as he said: “I want to see you on two wheels not on four Eamonn.

“You’re too young for four wheels,” he insisted.

“A sort of quad bike for OAPs, that sort of thing,” Martin laughed.

“I could be the poster boy for mobility shooters,” Eamonn suggested.

Martin agreed: “You could. I’d like to see it!”

Breakfast with Eamonn & Isabel airs on GB News on weekdays at 6am.

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