EastEnders confirms split for Jay and Honey?

It’s an EastEnders coupling that’s been divisive at best – Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) shacking up after previously having a stepmum and son bond has held a strong ick factor among many.

It seems that the pair could be heading for the rocks as the differences between them in the relationship cause cracks.

Already feeling stress with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) staying with them, Honey is then further miffed when Jay returns home from a night out with ex Lola Pierce (Danielle Harold) drunk.

Consider him grounded!

After teasing Jay about Honey taking care of him, Jay accepts an invitation from Lola to go to Peggy’s for a drink.

Thinking Honey wouldn’t want to come, he is surprised that she is up for it, but she later falls asleep on the sofa so Jay goes alone.

Jay enjoys a night out as Frankie and Lola continue to wind him up about Honey. When a very drunk Jay returns home late, Honey is less than impressed.

Is this the beginning of the end for the couple as they begin to feel a gulf opening?

Or can they work on their relationship?

It certainly seems like they could be doomed as recent confirmation that Jay will care for Lola in her dying days suggests he may be with her towards the end.

It has been revealed that Lola will pass away from a brain tumour in a hard hitting new storyline.

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