EastEnders couple torn apart as Denise Fox ‘affair exposed’ by Nugget

Eastenders’ Denise Fox on affair storyline

EastEnders’ Ravi (played by Aaron Thiara) has been harassing Denise (Diane Parish) since she rejected him after impulsively meeting him at a hotel with the intention of a passionate night before she changed her mind at the last minute. Manipulative Ravi has since turned his attention to Denise’s daughter Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) in an attempt to get back at her. In recent episodes of the BBC soap, a fed-up Denise decided to turn Ravi in to the police for his criminal activity, but it seems she might regret resorting to such extreme measures.

Ravi reunited with Chelsea after being arrested, so it seems Denise’s plan to keep her daughter away from the troubled man backfired.

In upcoming scenes, Denise’s cheating with Ravi could finally come out.

Spoilers reveal Ravi’s young son Davinder “Nugget” Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) will become freaked out when Denise knocks their door down and later incessantly rings Ravi’s phone.

At Walford East, Denise finally catches up with Ravi, and they have a massive row about Chelsea’s alibi.

They are later spooked when a plate smashes outside during their conversation – but who was there?

Nugget is furious with Ravi for messing everything up, and he can’t look Chelsea in the eye.

She finds him and has a heart-to-heart with the confused teen, telling him to speak up if something is worrying him.

Could Nugget have been the one to overhear the conversation?

Denise and Ravi kissed in the lead-up to their planned night together, and while Denise put a stop to things, Ravi began to blackmail her.

He wanted Denise to steal evidence her copper husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) had on him once he found out he was being investigated by the police.

Denise refused and that’s when Ravi set his sights on Chelsea as a way of scaring Denise into doing some digging for him.

However, now that she has had him arrested, he’s likely to be more furious than ever.

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The two have kept their brief affair under wraps, but it’s bound to be revealed soon.

Denise’s sister Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) knows about what happened after she saw texts on Denise’s phone.

As she was driving at the time, the shock of the texts caused her to crash her car, endangering her and stepson Denzel Danes’ (Jaden Ladega) lives.

If Nugget ends up revealing all to Chelsea, there are bound to be fireworks – will Jack and Denise be torn apart for good?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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