EastEnders fans fear Lisa Fowler is dead after Louise Mitchell’s revelation

EastEnders fan fear Lisa Fowler may be dead after her daughter, Louise Mitchell, had a shocking revelation.

Louise had just had an unfortunate break up with Keanu Taylor after one magical night together at The Arches.

He was still obsessing over her stepmother, Sharon, when he got caught out in a weak moment and ended up getting down and dirty with her in the garage.

But there seems to have been more bad news on its way for Louise when she made a phonecall later on.

After finding out from Keanu that there was nothing between them, a teary Louise tried to get some sympathy form her dad, to find he had gone out.

So she sat on the stairs and called her mother, Lisa, but someone else answered the phone.

She asked who that person was and where her mother was, and suddenly had a sharp intake of breath as she realised her mother wasn’t where she thought.

At this, Louise ran around Albert Square looking for people to talk to, including Mel Owen, a close mate of her mum’s.

Fans were worried the worst could have happened to Lisa, and took to social media to find out whether others might agree.

One said: "I actually felt sorry for Louise tonight in # EastEnders She’s clearly upset about something what’s happened to Lisa and she wanted to talk but Keanu pushed her away!"

Another said: "I reckon something’s happened to Lisa and Keanu acted like a total knob to a genuinely upset Louise # EastEnders"

A third said: "Has anything happened to Lisa? Louise must be crying because of that! # EastEnders

Another added: "What did Louise find out about Lisa?? # EastEnders"

A fifth asked: "What has happened to Lisa ? Is she dead? # EastEnders"

Others thought perhaps she would be returning for the New Year instead.

Here’s hoping New Year’s Eve will either bring back a return of Lisa rather than some very sad news.

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC1.

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