EastEnders fans horrified over shocking prices in ‘rip off’ corner shop

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    EastEnders fans were left stunned on the latest episode of the BBC soap after the mini-mart was seen charging a hefty price for a bar of chocolate.

    As Stacey went to speak to Suki about Kheerat at the corner shop, she decided to splurge on a bar of chocolate during her visit.

    But viewers couldn’t believe it when Suki charged her a whopping £1.50 for the item.

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    One blasted: “1.50 for bar chocolate…stick em up!,” said one viewer, with a video of a woman holding a gun and robbing someone.

    A second added: “£1.50 for a single bar of chocolate?! That shop should be called “Dick Turpin”!

    “£1.50 for a bar of chocolate, £2.80 or so for a bap with the full works….the pricing is all wrong in this place!!” a third penned.

    Stacey’s chat with Suki was interrupted by Nish, before the atmosphere turned tense and Suki’s behaviour changed.

    Stacey was later seen sharing her concerns with Eve, questioning if Suki needs help.

    Elsewhere in the episode, the aftermath of Janine’s fall saw her being lifted into an ambulance as Linda spotted the carnage and accompanied her to the hospital.

    Linda missed her appointment with Murray to be by Janine’s side as Murray arrived at The Vic looking for Linda and warned Mick if it happens again it could impact her probation.

    When Mick finally learned of Janine’s fall, he rushed to the hospital, learning that the baby is alive but there could be severe complications from the fall after she suffered a partial placental abruption.

    Ben was concerned about keeping Lexi in the dark as Lola struggled with the impact of her treatment.

    Ben admitted to Jay he’d been looking at treatment abroad and would sell The Arches to pay for it, while Jay, Billy and Ben encouraged Lola to tell Lexi she still has cancer but she snapped and stormed off.

    Rocky was in the dog house tonight with Kathy after he enlisted Freddie and a reluctant Bobby to deep fry some cupcakes Kathy was struggling to sell.

    His plan backfired when Honey says she had to report Kathy to the council for selling food outside without a licence.

    Desperate to win back her good graces, Kathy was stunned when Rocky surprised her at The Albert with a romantic, but unintentional, marriage proposal, which she gladly accepted.

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