EastEnders sees Lexi miss school after learning about Lolas tumour

EastEnders: Danielle Harold discusses her storyline

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Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold) has been putting on a brave face for her daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) on EastEnders. Lola previously had surgery for her brain tumour, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. BBC soap spoilers have revealed she will have to come clean about her diagnosis in heartbreaking scenes with Lexi.  

Lola’s first day of radiotherapy looms but she continues to hide the truth from her daughter about her prognosis. 

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) struggles to stay strong for Lola and Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) catches him breaking down, forcing Billy to reveal that Lola’s not well. 

After some words of wisdom and encouragement from Freddie, Billy takes Lola to her medical appointment. 

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is concerned about keeping Lexi in the dark as Lola struggles with the impact of her treatment. 

Later on, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), Billy and Ben urge Lola to tell Lexi she still has cancer but she snaps at them and walks off. 

A determined Ben pressures her into telling Lexi the truth, warning Lola she will pick up on it either way. 

Little do they know Lexi has been overhearing them speak. 

Lexi becomes more suspicious and when a letter arrives for her mother in the post, she opens it and reads it. 

Lola is later horrified to be told by a teacher Lexi never showed up to school. 

Lola, Jay and Ben eventually track the youngster down in the park and Lexi shows them the letter. 

It outlines Lola’s treatment, and now Lexi knows the truth of the heartbreaking matter. 

Back at home, Lola admits the whole truth to her concerned daughter about her brain tumour. 

She tries to lift Lexi’s spirits by taking her out for the day. 

However, when Lola visits the Queen Vic, she worries Lexi is angry at her when Janine Butcher (Charlie Brookes) says some harsh words about her parenting. 

As Janine continues with her vicious jibes, Lola attempts to defend herself. 

Producer Chris Clenshaw told Metro.co.uk of Lola’s storyline: “I wanted Lola and Jay back together, especially for this story.

“Although I probably would have found a way to reunite them, as I think they’re meant to be together. 

“Certainly for this story, as it’s an emotional one. And there’s a love story at the heart of it.”

EastEnders is working closely with Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on Lola’s storyline and help can be found on their websites. 

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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