EastEnders theory: Couple torn apart after Sam and Ben Mitchell betrayal?

EastEnders: Sam Mitchell takes over the family business

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EastEnders stalwart Kat Slater (played by Jessie Wallace) hasn’t had much luck lately, especially after her love interest Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was sent to prison after being accused of conspiracy to murder. In recent months on the BBC soap, Phil decided he would rather live out his days in jail rather than take up the police’s offer and become an informant. As he awaits his trial, Phil decided to summon his sister Sam Mitchell (Kim Metcalf) back to Walford to try and help with running his businesses.

However, Sam’s arrival has certainly ruffled a few feathers including Kat Slater’s.

Another person threatening Kat and her children is Phil’s gangster contact Jonah Tyer (Mark Mooney).

Sam also came back to help Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) with the running of Phil’s business and to put a stop to Jonah.

At the beginning of Monday night’s instalment, a couple of Jonah’s men put a flaming brick through Kat’s window as a warning to her.

She was quick to put the pressure on Sam and asked her to put a stop to the threats.

However, Sam had already hatched a plan involving Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), who managed to dig up some information on Jonah.

Sam decided to blackmail the gangster with the information if he stopped harassing Kat and helped her with Phil’s businesses.

With Phil in prison, he had handed the responsibility of his businesses to Kat, with the help of Sam.

But, after Sam paid her brother a visit in prison, he may end up handing all responsibility to her.

“One week you’ve been back and you’re already dragging the Mitchell name into the dirt,” Phil fumed.

“You done?” Sam asked before adding: “It’s sorted. Jonah, he has agreed to everything.”

“Go on,” Phil continued as Sam explained: “He wants in on the chicken shops, he will get his men to front it.

“He has agreed to 10 per cent and he’s agreed to call off the dogs and I don’t mean Kat and Sharon.

“You’re welcome…” she teased before Phil told her: “Don’t get carried away.”

Meanwhile, Ben tried to persuade Kat to walk away from Phil and his businesses.

“Hello,” Ben taunted. “How’s big daddy enjoying our Majesty’s pleasure these days?”

“Aunty Samantha has taken my slot,” Kat explained. “I am choosing the quiet life.”

“That’s wise, I appreciate you picking up the slack but now might be a good time to get out,” Ben continued.

“When you get in with our family there is always a monster under the bed.”

He went on to add: “Look at you now, a year with my old man, you’re a husk of a woman drinking on her own. Run, before you become another bit of Mitchell roadkill.”

“You don’t know me as well as you think you do,” Kat raged. “I have been fighting monsters since before you were born. So, bring it on!”

As the episode came to an end, Sam also tried to tell Kat she was moving in and taking over the running of Phil’s empire.

However, Kat was having none of it as she argued, there was only one Mrs Mitchell and she was it.

“I took care of Jonah and Phil has put me in charge of everything,” Sam teased as Kat fired back: “That’s not going to happen.”

Sam added: “You make me laugh, a few hours ago you were begging me to take control.”

“I changed my mind, I need to step up for my family and that includes Phil,” Kat told Sam.

Kat proceeded to throw Sam’s suitcases out of the house before Sam threatened her.

With both Sam and Ben trying to take control of Phil’s businesses, will the duo team up in a bid to drive a wedge between Phil and Kat?

And in doing so, will the beloved couple end up splitting up for good?

EastEnders airs weekdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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