EastEnders theory: Family torn apart as Rainie Highway embarks on steamy affair

EastEnders: Stuart tells Rainie he will get the surgery

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Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) only had surgery to treat his cancer recently after months of trying to avoid facing up to the illness. Terrified his prescribed medications might lead to a relapse in his painkiller addiction, Stuart has been trying to manage without them. However, the EastEnders undertaker couldn’t bear the agony he was in and started taking the meds last week. When a suspicious Rainie (Tanya Franks) notices once again that her husband is avoiding Roland and finds his painkillers, she might turn to Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) for advice. But could the two notice a spark between each other and start an affair?

Stuart voiced his concerns about medication to Rainie before he received any treatment.

“What if I have this operation and then I have the painkillers after – what if I can’t stop?” he asked his wife.

“What if I get addicted again?” he added but Rainie tried to reassure her husband.

“What if we win the lottery tomorrow? What if we get hit by a bus? We can’t live our lives on what-ifs,” she replied.

As Stuart tried to protest, his wife cut in: “No, listen – whatever happens, we face it together, okay?”

After the operation, Stuart tried to brave going without painkillers but his grandmother Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) noticed how much Rainie was struggling being a new mum.

She advised her son to pull his weight and chance taking the medication so he can be there for his family.

“Anyone can see you’re hurting,” Vi pointed out as her grandson winced in pain. “Just do yourself a favour and take them.”

Later, Stuart admitted to his nan he can’t be around his son while taking painkillers with Rainie oblivious to his suffering.

As Roland started to cry, he said: “Can you get that please?”

“For goodness’ sake Stuart, he’s your son,” Vi replied angrily before asking: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Don’t know, I’m just not sure if I can cuddle him knowing that I’m under the influence,” Start remarked.

It seems Stuart continues to keep his secret from Rainie though, which leads to complications in upcoming episodes.

Still hiding his painkillers from Rainie, Stuart agrees to take Roland to his weigh-in but when he finally holds Roland, he questions if he can do it.

In the café, Mitch offers to babysit Roland during the week so Rainie can go to a hospital appointment with Stuart.

As Rainie enjoys some peace, Stuart arrives with Roland, claiming he forgot he has a separate physio appointment.

Rainie sees through Stuart’s lies and back home, comes across his painkillers.

Fed up with Stuart not trying to bond with Roland and keeping secrets from her, Rainie might storm out of the house to confront her husband, leaving Vi to look after Roland.

She could bump into Mitch who will be keen to talk about Roland, and he may notice how distracted she seems.

Trying to help out his neighbour, Mitch is likely to offer to help Rainie open up over a cup of tea.

Will the two end up getting closer than either of them imagined?

Rainie is likely to be heartbroken that Stuart decided to lie to her and may find herself falling for Mitch as he helps the couple out.

She’s been excited to be a mother to Roland but seems to be doing it alone.

With Mitch offering a helping hand, she could begin to think she’s married the wrong man and turn her back on Stuart.

Seeing what she wants from Stuart in Mitch, Rainie could lean in for a kiss.

Will Mitch reciprocate her feelings and betray Stuart with his wife?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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