EastEnders twist as Peter Beale’s dark side emerges after girlfriend Ash cheats?

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BBC viewers could be set to see a shock break-up on EastEnders in upcoming episodes of the hit soap. New couple Ash Panesar (played by Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) and Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) have recently been struggling to connect following the death of Ash’s brother Jags (Amar Adatia). But, the pair could soon be about to face another challenge in the relationship according to official soap spoilers. Will Peter seek revenge if he catches Ash cheating?

Ash has recently been struggling to come to terms with the loss of her brother Jags.

Jags was imprisoned after being set up by his own mother, Suki, for robbery and assault.

For a while, Jags was protected in prison thanks to Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) but he recently called off the protection which had deadly consequences for Jags.

In upcoming scenes on the soap, Ash is left confused as to where Peter is while she has been grieving.

At home, Peter is ignoring Ash’s calls and tells Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) he can’t handle being around her family.

But, the pair make it clear they’re not impressed with his attitude.

Later on, Kathy bumps into Ash who asks if Peter is ghosting her.

Peter is upset at the turn of events with Ash, but Kathy serves him some hard truths.

Later, when Peter finally goes to find Ash, he sees her with another man.

Perhaps Ash has turned to another man for support while she’s been neglected by Peter.

But, how will Peter react? Will his jealousy cause him to turn to violence against the mystery man?

This wouldn’t be the first time Peter has turned to violence in a fit of rage.

Viewers will remember he once pinned Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) against a wall.

This occurred when Billy was considered a suspect in the Lucy Beale murder case.

Billy was in the frame for Lucy’s death after he was spotted arguing with the troubled business woman on the night she died.

If Ash sees Peter turning violent, she could become concerned about his behaviour and worry about their future together.

Could Ash and Peter end up breaking things off and ending their relationship?

Some EastEnders viewers seem to think Ash may be better without him and Twitter users have been making it clear they aren’t keen on the character.

One viewer wrote: “There’s a huge difference to Ash when she’s not around Peter Beale. I’m loving her character again & really hope they keep her around her family. I couldn’t stand how childish they made the character with Peter. Family scenes really bring out the best in the actress. #EastEnders

“No one should ever listen to Peter he’s a slime ball #EastEnders” another fan commented.

A third remarked: “Peter is an arrogant peace of scum. Who does he think he is. Well I can tell you he’s a nobody #Eastenders”

“I can’t stand Peter. What even is the point of him? #eastenders” another viewer added.

What will happen between Ash and Peter? Is this the end of their relationship?

This week’s EastEnders episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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