Ed Sheeran paid himself £73.4million last year in earnings from his Divide tour — which is £201k every day – The Sun

IT’S CHRISTMAS – and Ed Sheeran should be in for the best festive celebrations of his life.

After cementing his reputation as the biggest star on the planet, I can reveal the singer has paid himself a staggering £73.4million this year in earnings from his Divide tour.

To put that in context, it’s £201,000 a day.

It is an enormous increase on the £17.1million he paid himself last year and means he has trousered more than £90million in total from the international tour.

Details of the windfall are laid out in accounts for his company, Nathan Cable Touring LLP.

It turned over £114million in the 12 months to the end of March this year and £70million the previous year.

The huge amount of cash generated meant there was more than enough for Ed to take out the massive payment.

The Divide tour has taken more than £607million in total — dwarfing the turnover by global superstar rivals such as Taylor Swift. And because Ed plays unaccompanied, his costs are a fraction of those of other performers and bands.

It means he can keep huge amounts of money that others spend on overheads.

The singer signed off the paperwork for the accounts at the weekend, revealing that nearly £100million was earned in Europe.

The Divide tour took in 260 dates, starting in March 2017 in Turin, Italy, and ending in August this year with Ed’s homecoming gigs in Ipswich.

It is the highest-grossing tour ever — though nobody could argue he doesn’t deserve it.

That’s going to be one hell of a turkey dinner tomorrow.

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