Egypt Criss Confirms Something About Her Status with 'Growing up Hip Hop'

Growing up Hip Hop is coming back soon and fans are wondering if all of their favorite stars will be back. While Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick previously said that they would not be on the show any longer, it looks like Criss has confirmed that she would at least be back on the WE tv reality television series in some capacity.

Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick were controversial on the most recent season of ‘Growing up Hip Hop’

Criss and Mattick’s relationship was pretty much the biggest storyline of the most recent season of Growing up Hip Hop. They were a controversial pairing on the cast as Criss’ friends and fellow cast members did not approve of her dating Mattick. All of her friends tried to vet Mattick and make sure he was the person he claimed to be and that he had her best interests in mind. It was a sharp change in Criss’ portrayal on the show because before this, she was virtually uninvolved in any drama.

Criss even had a physical altercation when she got into it with co-star Briana Latrise. After Latrise did not approve of her relationship with Mattick, it was a huge source of contention for the two.

She revealed she was leaving the show, writing on Instagram at the time, “I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me or makes me happy. It’s time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented to you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop.” Prior to Criss’ announcement Mattick had already said that he would not be on the show’s next season.

Egypt Criss confirms that she will be returning to the show

In posts on Instagram and Twitter, Criss posted her green screen confessional look and hashtagged #GUHH, meaning that she has taped scenes for the show. The posts confirm rumors that Criss and Mattick would be coming back to the show after all.

Criss’ wrote in her caption, “Always Own What You Got Hundred points symbol #greenscreen #newlook #gggg #goodgirlgonegrown #guhh Makeup @ShebaSnowMUA.” She also used the photo as an opportunity to showcase her new, short haircut.

Fans immediately began questioning Criss about her return in the comments on her Instagram page.

One fan wrote, “Thought you were done with GUHH🤔??”

Someone else asked, “Okkkkkk I though you left the show????? 😒”

“I thought she quit,” commented someone else.

No word yet on when the new season of Growing up Hip Hop will premiere, but more than likely, it will be when Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta ends its current season.

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