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Emma is reunited with her mum Fiona Middleton in Corrie

Coronation Street’s Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) has had her life thrown into chaos after discovering the person she thought was her dad isn’t her real dad at all. We know that Steve MacDonald (Simon Gregson) is in fact Emma’s biological dad but as Emma meets with her brother, she discovers something else that makes the situation a whole lot worse and is also reunited with her mum Fiona Middleton.

Steve took Emma for lunch and said to her that she had something in her hair, he pulled the hair out and sent it away for DNA testing.

Emma meets with her brother Morgan to go to the funeral but is shocked to see a video from her mum which proves Morgan also knew her dad wasn’t her real dad. Upset she sends him away.

Steve arrives at the church with a wreath and seeing Emma upset he tells her he has done a DNA test and he is her real dad.

News of Steve’s paternity spreads with varying reactions. Emma Skypes her mum where we see Fiona Middleton for the first time in 20 years.

Fiona Middleton is played by Angela Griffin and will make her appearance via the video call. However, there are no current plans for a full time return to the show.

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