Emmerdale blunder as Lydia Dingle breaks down over Paul Ashdale’s credit card fraud

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a blunder after Lydia Dingle broke down over credit card debts she didn’t run up.

The cleaner – who is played by actress Karen Blick in the ITV soap – went to the bank to get a loan for Paul’s funeral but was in for a huge shock.

The bank refused her application over her credit card debts – debts she didn’t even know she had.

Finally learning that Paul had taken out a credit card in her name, Lydia realised he’d run up thousands in debts.

“They wouldn’t give me a loan,” she told Sam. 

“They said it wasn’t possible given my credit card debt. £5,000 that’s what they said I’d taken out. 

“It started out as £1,000 – the limit. And then someone kept extending it. Someone took out a credit card in my name Sam, someone who lived in this house. 

“String of transactions as long as my arm. Fancy wedding boutiques, cash machine’s outside the bookies, spending it like a kid in a sweet shop. 

“Only they all stop the day he died.

“Paul’s done me over Sam. It’s going to take me years to pay this off.”

However fans pointed out a glaring error in Lydia’s breakdown – Paul used cash machines and there will be CCTV of him using the cards so she has no reason to worry.

One wrote: "Never mind poor Lydia, poor writing from the #emmerdale team!

"Paul was male withdrawing money on a female account and there’s such a thing as cctv to prove this!"

A second said: "Wouldn't the bank of informed Lydia of a new card been created in her name and 5k been take out, before she phoned the bank ?

"And wouldn't she of also received a letter? #emmerdale".

Another added: "My heart breaks for Lydia, If that doesn’t wake Vinny up from his denial bubble, then nothing will!! #Emmerdale

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