Emmerdale fans baffled as they raise questions over Amelia baby blunder

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    Emmerdale fans have pointed out a notable error regarding Amelia Spencer's newborn baby.

    The teenager recently gave birth to a baby girl named Esther and during Tuesday's episode (November 15), she finally brought the youngster home.

    Amelia, who is played by Daisy Campbell, shares Esther with Samson Dingle but the teen is less than thrilled about his new role as a parent.

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    While Samson hasn't reacted well, his dad Sam Dingle and partner Lydia Hart have been more than supportive and were there to welcome the baby home with open arms.

    Baby Esther, who is only a few weeks old, was first seen in her car seat and fans immediately had something to say about it as one pointed out: "That baby looks about 4 months old already!"

    A few minutes later, Amelia came to visit Samson and had baby Esther wrapped up in a sling.

    Viewers were straight on social media to point out the continuity error as they believed the baby in this scene looked significantly different to the one in the scene before.

    "The baby has shrunk from 6 mth size to doll size. #Emmerdale," penned one user.

    A second pointed out: "That baby looks different from the first one," as another agreed: "Amelia's baby has shrunk a lot in 5 minutes."

    "#Emmerdale that baby keeps changing size," echoed a fourth.

    The difference in size wasn't the only aspect that crossed fans' minds as many speculated that the baby was in fact a doll – and not a realistic one.

    "Why don't soaps use reborn dolls when a character has had a baby, look more realistic than a kiddies doll," questioned one person.

    A second exclaimed: "That is the worst fake baby they didnt even try #Emmerdale," as another agreed: "Jiggling that 'baby' when it's obviously a doll."

    "Plastic Baby Klaxon! #Emmerdale," echoed another while a fifth added: "Spot the obvious, fake baby klaxon. #Emmerdale."

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