Emmerdale fans rumble Chloe Harris revenge twist as father arrives in Noah prison plot

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Chloe (played by Jessica Elland) was stalked by Noah (Jack Downham) for months on Emmerdale before his criminal ways were finally exposed in an explosive week of episodes. In Tuesday night’s edition of the ITV soap, the young man was sentenced to three months in prison, a decision which shocked him and his mother, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). There are numerous former villagers who are currently residing in prison who he could end up sharing a cell with but he might find himself getting to know a newcomer to the show.

Since Chloe first appeared on screens last summer, it has been known her father was locked away in jail as he is a notorious gangster.

The only other person in the village to have seen this mysterious character is Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who ended up working for him as a cleaner.

When she fled to the Dales with his daughter, he got his men to follow them and they issued some dangerous threats toward Kerry.

However, Chloe’s father could have bigger fish to fry in upcoming scenes as he could end up sharing a cell with Noah and he will want blood.

Having heard the young man was put in jail because of what he did to his daughter, the unknown character would make it a living hell for Noah.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been sharing this theory, with Faizal writing: “@emmerdale #Emmerdale Noah sent to prison, he had to be punished.

“But there are criminals/hypocrites in the show still roaming free, who haven’t been punished for their crimes or found out yet. Chloe’s Dad will be waiting for Noah then I guess?”

Owen posted: “Noah’s sentencing next week, wouldn’t it be funny if he does get sent down and bumps into Chloe’s dad? The ‘What you in for’ question from Damon would be awkward #Emmerdale.”

Westie added: “Imagine in some big twist, Noah does get sent down and he runs into Chloe’s dad! #Emmerdale @emmerdale.”

VampLover27 commented: “Just say Noah goes to prison and Chloe’s dad is the top dog he may not last long #Emmerdale.”

Noah’s cell mate will be Chloe’s father?

Emmerdale viewer

After almost a year since the character was introduced to the soap world, viewers might finally be able to see who the infamous Damon Harris is.

Chloe has not shown any pictures of her father to her friends in the village, so anyone who Noah interacts with in prison could be the allusive Mr Harris.

The young man might not even realise who he is talking to until the mention of Chloe seems to make his new cellmate unsettled.

Noah has been in love with Chloe since he first laid eyes on her so he is unlikely to slate her but he could speak of his admiration for her.

Not wanting to hear Noah speak about his daughter again, Damon could arrange an attack to take place before revealing his identity.

As the young man fights to stay alive, he could discover the person he has been sharing a cell with is Chloe’s father as he arrives to inspect the attack.

However, seeing the young man so injured and vulnerable, Damon could decide he is going to be the person to deliver the killer blow.

Of course, it would make his stay in prison a lot longer as he would be charged with murder but he would want his daughter to be safe.

How will Chloe react if she realises it was her father who silenced her former love interest once and for all?

The actress who plays Chloe, Jessica, has previously spoken out about her character’s father arriving in the village after all this time.

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Jessica said: “I definitely think there’s potential.

“I think it would be really interesting to see how or when or if he comes into play,” she continued before adding: “There could be more stories with her dad.

“There is so much we haven’t learned yet and so many questions unanswered,” she told Digital Spy, so could one of these stories be his time behind bars with Noah?

The actress who plays Kerry, Laura, has also discussed Damon before and the influence he has over her character on the show.

Laura explained: “Kerry was working in a huge multi-million-pound mansion, which an underground gangster-type guy owns.”

“She ended up there because she needed to get away from the village for a while. I guess this is a way Kerry thought she could make some good money,” the actress remarked.

“Which she’s never really been able to before. But obviously, it’s not as straightforward as that,” she added.

If Noah does survive his ordeal at the hands of Chloe’s father, the pair could end up working together as Damon was furious with his daughter for betraying him.

He could use Noah as a pawn to try and lure Chloe into a trap but will she fall for the bait or will she discover her father is trying to get revenge on her?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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