Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ who gets shot during gun showdown — and it’s not Al

Emmerdale fans think they have figured out who will be shot during Cain Dingle and Al Chapman's violent gun showdown next week after the latter's affair with Chas Dingle is exposed.

In a dramatic trailer released by the ITV soap, it sees Cain discover his sister Chas' burner phone, which has a string of messages revealing her affair, as he calls the number to which Al answers: "Chas, you there?"

It then cuts to Cain holding Al hostage with a gun as he warns: "You're not going to be seeing her again" as Al replies: "Why? What you going to do? You've been hit too many times."

The teaser cuts to the two men fighting before they both look over to the shotgun and both attempt to reach it before a blast goes off. It's unclear who has shot who..

While Emmerdale teases over the explosive trailer: "The storm isn't over…"

Soap watchers now think they know who will be shot and it's "not Al" as they took to social media to share their thoughts over the explosive spoiler video.

One person said: "Cain will get shot by Al , it will be serious but Cain will pull through, Al will leave and go on the run , is the most likely outcome."

A different account put: "I have bad feeling this whole showdown with Cain Al isn’t going to end well I have a bad feeling that It won’t be Al that gets shot."

Another follower wrote: "About time! But will there be a twist – as it’s not just Cain who hates him?!"

A different viewer insisted: "Cain cannot die!!" while another soap watcher added: "Leave Al alone ! I reckon the gun will go off & shoot someone else bye x."

It comes after Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson revealed that the 50th anniversary ends with a "really big bang" that goes into the "new year".

Speaking to press, including OK! recently, Jane said: "Well, it is a roller coaster of emotions and there is a visual impact, I think it will blow more than your socks off, put it that way.

"There's deaths, there's destruction, but there's also real moments of intimacy of heartbreak and love.

"We're going see our characters tested in not just their physical strength, but their emotional strength as well. And there's gonna be a lot of tears, I must warn you about that. We'll see our community have to deal with the aftermath of this horrific storm.

"It has already started with Aaron's return, we've seen that on screen, we of course have the Faith storyline coming up, which is going to be incredibly sad, then we go into our storm, which has got more than one stunt across the week.

"And then just when you think things can't get any worse for our Emmerdale characters, they really, really do. And we end the month on a really big bang that propels us well into the New Year…"

Jane cryptically added: "Not all the cast come out of this flourishing, but they will have a flourishing exit, shall we say?"

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