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ITV viewers were left on Friday with the awful truth about Al Chapman's death.

Tonight, Emmerdale will finally reveal what really happened during the businessman's fatal confrontation with Cain Dingle.

The village tough guy played by Jeff Hordley was thrown in prison after being charged with the murder of Al Chapman.

But while all the evidence pointed to him, Cain initially asserted he didn't kill his long-term foe.

This was until Friday's instalment of the Yorkshire-based drama, when he pleaded guilty to the shock of his family, particularly his wife Moira.

The farmer (portrayed by Natalie J. Robb) then confronted Cain in prison, demanding to know what was really going on.

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Cain admitted that his ten-year-old son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) was actually responsible for Al's death.

Emmerdale fans were left with the revelation as a cliff-hanger on Friday but will find out what really happened.

In flashback scenes due to air tonight from 7.30pm, ITV viewers will see how Kyle became involve in Al's death as Cain recalls his last moments.

A distressed Moira is set to break down as her other half will claim he is doing what he can to protect his son and his family.

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Fighting back tears, Moira claims the truth is far worse than Cain's lie and he feels helpless as she struggles to keep it together.

Cain fears he may not be able to trust Moira to keep his secret.

Meanwhile, Kyle's mother Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) will also find out what he's done.

How will she cope with the devastating truth?

Al (Michael Wildman) and Cain's feud reached murderous heights when the latter found out about his sister Chas' illicit romance.

Cain lured the businessman into a barn, catching his attention by holding him at gunpoint before a fight broke out.

He was later found by Al's fiancée Kerry Wyatt after a shot was fired and it was immediately assumed he had murdered Al.

Speaking of her upcoming scenes, actress Natalie J. Robb promised "many twists and turns" ahead and "extremely difficult decisions" as the storyline goes on.


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"Moira is shocked to the core by Cain's confession. I think deep down she knew something wasn't quite right but she had no idea that Kyle had been involved in the shooting", she first said.

"I think the audience will really sympathise with Moira's dilemma."

"She will do everything she can to keep her family together, Kyle may not be hers by blood but she sees him as her own."

"She has a lot of extremely difficult decisions to make."

Natalie added: "This is a fascinating story to play as there are so many twists and turns that will cause a ripple effect to other characters in the village that are not yet aware of the true circumstances."

"Moira, as a mother and a wife, has such a turbulent time ahead which is great as an actress to get stuck into."

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Will Moira keep Cain and Kyle's secret?

Emmerdale airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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