Emmerdale shock as Paul Ashdale DIES – but fans are overjoyed abuser is gone for good

EMMERDALE fans are overjoyed after abusive dad Paul Ashdale died – finally putting an end to his storyline.

The gambling addict – who is played by actor Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – died on his wedding day after being hit by Jimmy King’s van, crushed under a falling barn beam and caught up in an explosion.

Viewers know Paul has been abusing his son Vinny for months to force him to keep his gambling a secret.

But this week Vinny’s girlfriend Liv Flaherty discovered the truth and was determined to expose him.

After a showdown with Liv where she confronted him over the violent beatings he had been dolling out to his son Vinny, Paul attacked her.

He punched her before moving in for a more violent attack, throwing her through a table.

But as he tried to attack her more, Jimmy King crashed his van through the barn wall and sent them both flying.

Paul was trapped under a collapsed beam, while Liv tried to save him – but in the end left him to wait for the emergency services with two broken legs.

“Come back, you freak, you little bitch,” he screamed as Liv walked outside.

“I will get out and I will come for you. I am coming for you.”

But as Liv got outside the barn exploded and Liv was knocked unconscious.

Ambulances arrived and all three, Liv, Jimmy and Paul were rushed to hospital but it was Paul who died.

As Mandy watched on, Paul lost his fight for life, leaving her sobbing in her wedding dress.

She begged: “Please, fight. Don’t leave me on my own. I need you, Vinny needs you. Please don’t stop, you’ve got to keep trying.”

Mandy broke down in tears as his death was called – but viewers were overjoyed.

One wrote: "Yay he died"

A second said: "Yesss it was Paul!!! Hopefully he was the only one to die"

Another added: "Bye #Paul l it wasn't nice knowing you" 

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