Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle furious as Jamie Tate has her fired from the vets after ending their affair

JAMIE Tate hatches a plan to get lover Belle Dingle fired from the vets to stop Andrea Tate finding out about their affair next week in Emmerdale.

Jamie is currently locked into a dramatic custody battle with Andrea over their daughter Millie and knows she'll demand sole custody if she discovers the truth.

Emmerdale viewers have watched chemistry grow between Jamie and Belle for quite some time. 

The pair succumbed to their passion for each other on the night of Graham Foster’s murder, but their dalliance has remained a secret.

Meanwhile, Andrea has been busy getting her way and wrapping Jamie round her little finger.

Locked in a custody battle with Andrea over their daughter Millie, Jamie decided to give things another go with her.

Andrea also ordered Jamie to choose between his daughter or his villainous mum after learning she conspired to kill Graham.

Much to Andrea's delight, Jamie headed to Home Farm and had a go at his mum before telling her to stay away from them all.

But viewers recently saw Jamie tell Belle that he's only back with Andrea out of guilt when she confronted him for moving back in with her. 

The pair then gave in to their temptation for each other and kissed each other in Jamie's car. 

When Jamie returned home he lied that he’d been on a job with Paddy and apologised for not answering his phone, before getting it on with Andrea just hours after he'd kissed Belle.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Jamie continue to reel from cheating on Andrea with Belle.

In the upcoming scenes, Jamie regrets his actions and grows increasingly worried about destroying his chance at happy families with Andrea and Millie.

Chas persuades Belle into going to Take a Vow’s lingerie party, but Belle worries about having to spend time with Andrea.

Later, Jamie has a go at Belle for attending the party with Andrea.

He mulls over how to get Belle fired from the vets in order to keep the affair secret.

He later explains to Paddy that the only way to solve the Vet’s money problems is to fire Belle.

Paddy decides Belle needs laying off but she immediately knows Jamie is behind the decision.

She storms over to find him and angrily confronts him.

But she's shocked by his reaction – what is Jamie going to do?

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