Emmerdale theory: Cain Dingle discovers hes not Faiths son as dark adoption plot exposed

Emmerdale: Faith chats to Cain and Sarah in the pub

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Cain (played by Jeff Hordley) and Faith (Sally Dexter) have been getting on well in recent weeks on Emmerdale, as the bad boy of the village has been trying to focus on his family. Unfortunately, there is one person who continues to grind his gears, Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), meaning he isn’t able to completely get rid of the subdued anger which burns inside him. However, as his rivalry with the ITV soap villain comes to a head in the coming weeks, it seems his mother will have a huge secret playing on her mind and she could very well decide he needs to know he is adopted.

Faith is known for keeping secrets from her family and on many occasions, this has almost destroyed her relationships with Cain and her daughter, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

A few years ago, the mother of two explained to her son she knew he had a long-lost son, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), out there in the world.

Cain only discovered he had a grown-up son when he arrived in the village in 2019 and he was furious Faith kept him a secret.

Nothing could prepare him, however, for his mother to reveal she actually didn’t give birth to him and this would blow the Dingles apart.

It has never been doubted the bad boy isn’t Faith’s son but producer for the show, Laura Shaw, has teased an explosive new twist for the family during the soap’s flashback week, airing next month.

Speaking with Express.co.uk and other media, the soap boss explained the upcoming storyline, stating: “Faith has a huge, big and shocking secret.

“That’s revealed to Moira [Barton], and she becomes the one who discovers it first, there are some touching scenes between those two coming up.

“Cain and Chas is our most loved sibling pairing. They have a lot going on as Faith’s secret from the big week will impact them.

“We’re about to start shooting a special episode that made me cry. It explores more of their rich history and how their upbringing hugely affects the decisions they make in the present.

“Beyond this, we will certainly see that not all the decisions are good ones,” Laura said, not officially confirming what the secret is.

Faith has a huge, big and shocking secret

Laura Shaw

Touching on how emotional the scenes are and how the secret will derive from Cain’s childhood, there is a chance Faith could tell him she’s not his mother.

This is a secret the mother of two could have thought she was going to take to the grave and the bad boy would never find out.

However, with the big week of flashback episodes featuring explosive scenes which will leave lives in the balance, Cain could be one person who is at risk of being killed off.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to keep his true parentage from him any longer, Faith could confess all as she tries to unburden herself before he dies.

If he pulls through though, the village bad boy will want a further explanation as to what happened when he was born.

Faith could explain Shadrach had an affair and this led to the woman he cheated with ending up pregnant with a son.

The troubled character knew her husband had always wanted a boy and with his lover not wanting the baby, Faith could have said she would raise him as her own.

Going through the official channels, Faith would have taken on the guardianship of Cain and she might have thought this would help her marriage.

Unfortunately, Shadrach continued to drink and was extremely abusive towards his wife and so the arrival of a son wouldn’t have helped whatsoever.

Chas could therefore be the only biological child of the couple and although she would still be a half-sibling of Cain’s, she too would be horrified by the discovery.

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This could lead to emotional scenes between Cain and Chas as the former explains he never felt he was fully part of the family when they were children.

Because his arrival in the family didn’t help her marriage, this is why Faith could have bridged a distance between her and her adopted son.

Fundamentally, this would explain why the mother and son have never seen eye to eye and why they do have such a turbulent relationship.

Cain would want to know who his real birth mother is and feeling obliged to tell the truth, Faith could give him her contact information.

Going on the search for the mystery character, Cain might not be getting the reaction he was expecting as his mother welcomes him with open arms.

This could result in his birth mother’s arrival in the village as he wants to spend more time with her and get to know her a little bit more.

He could also discover he has other half-siblings out there in the world as she went on to have more children, meaning he could start to stray from the Dingles.

Cain’s whole identity will have to be reinvented as he learns more about the other side of his birth family, rather than the one he has been protecting for years.

Also, his relationship with Moira (Natalie J Robb) could be on the line as she would have kept Faith’s secret after finding out the truth weeks before him.

But will this mean the couple is going to split up or will he be the bigger man and put his pride to the side to ensure yet another relationship isn’t destroyed?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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