Emmerdale twist as Andrea Tate brings down Meena in return from the dead?

Emmerdale: Paige Sandhu speculates on Meena’s ‘comeuppance’

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Emmerdale fans are convinced Andrea Tate (played by Anna Nightingale) will return from the dead in a surprise twist on the ITV soap. The character was savagely killed off by murderer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) during survival week, who left her to die in a burning maze. However, if Andrea is in fact alive, will she come back to Emmerdale to bring down evil Meena for once and for all?

Viewers will know Andrea was left for dead by Meena during an action-packed Super Soap Week. 

But villagers are unaware the fire in the maze started after a flare gun was fired during a struggle between Andrea and Meena. 

The fight happened after Andrea witnessed Meena attempting to bring down her love rival Victoria Sudgen (Isabel Hodgins) during a survival challenge. 

Meena ended up chasing Andrea and brutally beat her, leaving her in a critical condition. 

It was later revealed Andrea had suffered a fatal blow to the head, with her body found in the maze the day after the blaze. 

Her former mother-in-law Kim Tate (Claire King) identified her body, but viewers have questioned whether Kim was telling the truth. 

While rumours surrounding Andrea had died down in recent weeks, her memorial left soap fans wondering if she was still alive. 

During Wednesday’s episode, Kim and Andrea’s mother Hazel Rhodes (Pauline Quirke) came to blows over her death and the way Kim treated her. 

Matters only got worse when they fought over who would care for Andrea’s daughter Millie in wake of her recent death. 

As they fought over Millie’s guardianship Hazel revealed Kim had no claim to this right. 

Hazel explained her daughter Andrea had named her as Millie’s legal guardian prior to her death, following Kim’s attempts to gain full custody. 

Kim was left seething when Hazel broke the news to her, and she was forced to say goodbye to Millie who was taken into the care of Hazel. 

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Unbeknown to Kim, Millie was actually taken to her father Jamie Tate’s (Alex Lincoln) house by Hazel. 

Kim still believes Jamie is dead after his car cascaded into a lake in a horrific accident. 

It appears as though Jamie has gotten away with faking his own death – so could Andrea also still be alive? 

It has led fans to speculate that Andrea could be in hiding, ready to take down serial killer Meena. 

Emmerdale fan Pamela Christopher tweeted: “Andrea is still alive. I think she pulled herself away from the fire, and please end Meena’s storyline.”

Col Marine added: “I’d love it if @emmerdale sprang a real surprise on everyone and #Andrea was alive ready to step in and set up #Meena and FINALLY get her caught. Now that would be a class twist #Emmerdale.” 

Sally-Ann Davis remarked: “Let’s hope there’s a twist and Andrea is alive. [I’d like to] see her running off into the sunset with her daughter and Jamie, now that would be a surprise storyline.” 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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