Emmerdales new Woolpack owner sealed as fans guess killer Meena will buy pub

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Emmerdale's resident serial killer Meena Jutla could soon be back in the village, as The Woolpack goes up for auction early next month – and she looks set to buy it.

Chas and Marlon Dingle have been left devastated after a fire organised by Al Chapman destroyed the pub's interior. And meddling from Chas' brother Cain drove things even further into a downward spiral, as his feud with Al caused the investors to pull out last minute.

It now means the pub will be auctioned off – and could go for a record low price, leaving them financially ruined.

However, some fans are now certain that the pub's buyer could be Meena, in what would be a huge twist for the villagers.

She's currently on the run after being caught in the act of kidnapping her sister Manpreet along with Vinny Dingle, and was last seen hitching a ride far away from the Dales as she made her escape.

However, she did make a brief cameo as Manpreet woke up in hospital and mistook a nurse on her ward for her wayward sister.

Taking to social media to share their theories, one fan wrote: "Let me guess – Meena will end up owning The Woolpack and turn it into a Sweeney Todd type of thing!"

Another viewer posted: "News just in – Meena buys The Woolpack at auction!"

"I hope Meena buys The Woolpack!" someone else said. "She'll make a killing!"

However, other fans are rather more certain Cain could purchase The Woolpack at auction in order to do it up and gift it back to Chas and Marlon, after they disowned him from the family.

Some are desperate for him to team up with ex-wife Charity to run the bar, with one writing: "Neither Chas or Marlon have actually bothered to listen to what Cain has to say. Yet both believed Al's story! Cain and Charity for the new landlords of the Woolpack!"

Someone else agreed: "I can see Cain buying The Woolpack and giving it to Chas to run."

"Cain's gonna buy the pub!" another fan echoed.

Elsewhere in Monday night's episode, Charity's son Ryan was left devastated as he got the news that his adoptive mother, Irene, had died – and he hadn't picked up the phone to her on her last day.

Thankfully Mackenzie was there for him, and uncharacteristically gentle as he offered to drive Ryan to his brother's – when Charity was too busy with Vanessa to answer her own phone.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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