Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree breaks down as she admits ‘everyone’s knackered’

Angel Adoree in tears after exhausting wedding preparation

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Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree bought a chateau in France to set up their new life and start their wedding venue business. Before letting the general public into their home, the couple got married there with friends and family. Whilst getting ready for her big day, Escape to the Chateau’s Angel admitted everyone around them was knackered from the constant renovations but was proud of how much Dick had managed on his own.

The day of the wedding, the master of the house was nowhere to be seen as, in true tradition, Dick was staying elsewhere until he took his vows.

While getting her hair done, Angel opened up on the struggles she and the family faced with their renovations.

“What Dick has achieved this year has been phenomenal, I mean the infrastructure, the plumbing, the electrics, you know, sewage, because that is like a 20-man job for nine months,” Angel explained.

“He’s just been so incredible, we have nearly killed ourselves, I’ve nearly killed Dick, he’s wanted everything to be just right and perfect, and so have I.”

Getting emotional, she continued: “We’re really knackered, so I just want to, like ‘Ah…’, ah I am a bit knackered, and everyone is knackered around us as well, everyone is knackered around us.”

Despite it being their wedding day, work didn’t stop as 200 people needed to be fed, which meant French waiters were arriving across the courtyard.

This was a chance for Angel to step up as lady of the household, as she told them: “What we’re going to need, I need people to be on the bar all the time.

“And three people in the kitchen all the time washing up, three o’clock when everyone starts to arrive, you are going to serve the bubbles.

“It’s very important that we get everybody very drunk today,” she joked with the team of waiters.

Being the bride, wedding planner and major-general in charge of her domain, she was taking on a lot on her own.

With Dick waiting for his bride-to-be to arrive at the church, Angel finally switched from wedding planner to blushing bride back at the Chateau.

Back at the church, Dick exclaimed: “Right, how are we doing for time, gentleman? Are they late?”

Dick and Angel married exactly five years after they first met, and little did they know their dream would come true in France.

Watching Angel walk up the steps of the church, Dick admired his fiancé and exclaimed: “Witness this beautiful lady.”

The family walked into the church together as the ceremony was presided over by the local mayor, and after a few minutes, Dick and Angel were married.

Waking out of the church, people cheered and showered the newly married couple in confetti.

With everyone back at the chateau, their guests joined them on the stairs of the chateau for a huge family picture to mark their special day.

Dick exclaimed: “We’re married!” before letting the guests inside to see the stunning work he had done whilst working on the estate.

However, Dick’s handyman work was called upon once again when the front door handle got stuck, potentially trapping all the guests inside.

“Just a little bit of maintenance on the front door, that’s how you do that!” he exclaimed, finally freeing his guests from inside their house.

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4. 
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