Escape to the Chateau's Angel GAGS as husband Dick Strawbridge makes REVOLTING discovery

ESCAPE to the Chateau's Angel GAGGED after husband Dick Strawbridge made a REVOLTING discovery.

The couple have been working on Chateau de la Motte Husson in France for a number of years now, with viewers getting to watch their progress in the Channel 4 show.

An old episode that was recently repeated showed the couple exploring the chateau, which has 45 rooms across five floors.

The voiceover revealed: “The two towers that flag The Chateau is known as pepper shakers. In the one next to the dining room, they make a useful discovery.” 

Dick was then seen saying: "This is good! It’s practically a bathroom. It’s going to need a good, good, scrub.” 

He continued: "Then we can actually…" before stopping in his tracks as he saw the dark water in the bottom of the toilet.

Wife Angel, who was behind him, also caught a glimpse and immediately gagged at what he had discovered.

Dick admitted: “That’s very very unpleasant.” 

The couple took on the monumental project in 2016 but Dick has admitted it hasn't all been plain sailing.

With Angel expressing her huge ideas for the place, Dick has opened up about having to enforce a more realistic plan to "get things done".

Dick told The Express: "I really had to be quite brutal and say 'what has to be done' as to rather ' what would you like to have done'.

"The must-dos are getting a cloak room at this level, because if you come to our house and want to go to the loo, you can either go to a shed or up several flights of stairs."

Escape to the Chateau is available on All4.

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