Fans Already Figured Out Who the Popcorn Is on 'Masked Singer' and the Show Hasn't Even Started Yet

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the phrase “grabs popcorn” has been ruined thanks to the arrival of this absolutely demonic creature from The Masked Singer Season 4:

The fact that some poor D-list celebrity is currently trapped inside this thing just waiting to be sprung—nay, popped—free is alarming, to say the least, so the sooner we can figure out The Popcorn’s identity, the better. Amazingly, there are already some pretty convincing theories based on almost no information due to Masked Singer fans being next-level sleuthy. Here’s what we know thus far:

The Clue Package(s)

So far, The Masked Singer has bestowed just one Popcorn clue package upon us, and it isn’t even 40 seconds long:

The main takeaway here? The phrase “mirror mirror on the wall, what makes me the biggest miracle of all?” We can also probably assume just based on this costume that The Popcorn is either a film star (think, movie popcorn) or a pop singer.

The Theories

Sofia Carson

Sofia is by far the most popular early choice for The Popcorn—mostly because she played the evil queen’s daughter on Descendants (which matches the “mirror mirror” reference!) and also because of general “vibes.” It’s too early to say for sure until there are more clues, but I’m down with this theory!

Cameron Diaz

One extremely eager fan in the YouTube comments pointed out that Cameron was in Shrek (which features a magic mirror), and that she also described her baby as a “miracle.” To which I say: if 2020 ends with Cameron Diaz emerging from a popcorn costume, I give up. Aliens are welcome to abduct me.

Jenny Slate

There’s a lot of chatter about The Popcorn looking like Jenny Slate’s sheep character in Zootopia, so…sure…I guess it could be her? Honestly, I can’t decide if Jenny Slate is too cool for The Masked Singer or if Jenny Slate doing The Masked Singer makes her too cool for society.

Miley Cyrus

I mean…there’s literally no evidence to support this theory, but Brielle Biermann seems convinced, so!

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