Fantastic 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Brings Brie Larson's Battle with Shapeshifting Skrulls from Space to the Subway

With a heady mix of kickass action and origin mysteries, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female-led film is a blockbuster in the making.

Classic "Fantastic Four" villains the Skrulls are ready for their Marvel Cinematic Universe close-up, and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is here to punch them in the face.

The shapeshifting aliens take center stage in the story of Captain Marvel’s return to Earth after becoming a "noble warrior hero" for the Kree (another classic Marvel alien race and sworn enemies of the Skrulls). Both races look fantastic in their own right, but they’re nothing compared to the awesome might of Carol Danvers herself.

Donning several of her classic costumes from throughout her decades in the comic books, the good Captain is dealing with a level of power heretofore unseen in the MCU, and yes we’re including Thor and the Hulk. The franchise’s first female-led film looks absolutely ready for a blockbuster premiere.

But even the awesomeness of her strength and abilities isn’t all; this trailer also teases us with a superhero origin so mysterious, even Carol Danvers isn’t sure what her own story is. She has flashes of memories from the time before the Kree saved her, revived her and empowered her.

So what was her life before that? How did she become Captain Marvel? And how is it that she can see a Skrull on the subway when we — and everyone around her — only see her beating the shit out of a little old lady?

Fans of the comics know the potential of the Skrulls in infiltrating human society and just how deep and far Marvel has gone with these villains before. To say that their presence could upend much of what has already happened in the film franchise is an understatement.

To say that this is the last we’ll likely see of them is foolhardy at best. And with this taking place largely in the 1980s — with CGI-young Samuel L. Jackson looking fierce as Agent Nick Fury — we can only imagine how it could reconfigure much of what we’ve already seen.

But mostly, we’re given a glimpse of just how incredibly powerful Captain Marvel is compared to pretty much everyone we’ve met before in the MCU, and that might include the Hulk and Thor. We can see why Fury would reach out to her as a last desperate hope in the wake of Thanos’ "snappening" at the end of "Infinity War."

While we’re still awaiting that "Avengers 4" trailer, this is a pretty good appetizer and has us pretty excited for this movie in its own right. That it’s also going to set up Captain Marvel’s inevitable return in "A4" only makes it that much more exciting. The past and future of the MCU are here, and both are looking badass!

"Captain Marvel" premieres in theaters on March 8, followed by the fourth as-yet-untitled "Avengers" film May 3.

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