Former Jeremy Kyle Show crew member calls for 'exploitative' show to be axed

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been taken off air and suspended indefinitely after guest Steven Dymond died of a suspected suicide, following his time on the show.

And a former crew member revealed she hopes the ITV series is axed for good, after the tragic news.

Speaking exclusively to, the ex-employee – who wishes to remain anonymous – branded the show ‘exploitative’.

She told us: ‘After I worked on the programme, I’ve wanted it to come to an end, if that makes sense?

‘I think it should be axed. It’s exploitative, it’s manipulative. I don’t think these people genuinely care about the people who come on the show.

‘For Jeremy Kyle specifically, having experienced it, I think it’s all about entertainment, and making the show as entertaining as possible at all costs, and there’s very little thought for the people who actually take part in these programmes.’

MPs have also called for the show to be axed, with Downing Street officials calling Steven’s death ‘deeply disturbing’.

And Alex Reid shared his own account of taking part on the show, confessing he admits signing up to the show.

Following Steven’s death, ITV bosses issued a lengthy statement, reiterating their duty of care to those who appear on the show, explaining their processes are ‘regularly reviewed’.

However, the former member of the crew has slammed the aftercare process the show provides, claiming it’s ‘all for show’.

‘The aftercare, for me and from what I observed that day, it’s almost as if it’s just there for show, it’s there to make people think the people who go on the show are well looked after. I don’t really think that’s the case,’ she continued.

‘As soon as they were done, we had to make sure they were out of the building as soon as possible, it wasn’t that someone sat with them for an extensive amount of time and tried to calm them down, that didn’t happen.

‘You’re done, we get you a cab, and you’re off.’

Speaking about those who have recently come forward and raved about the aftercare they received – including Danniella Westbrook and White Dee – she didn’t see anything of the sort.

‘As soon as people finished filming, so as soon as we were done with the guests, we had to get them out as soon as possible,’ she added. ‘That’s the thing that shocked me. So when people are saying the aftercare is amazing, I seriously, honestly doubt that because that’s what I saw.

‘The issue with the aftercare that ITV provides, there’s a problem there. I think it’s not very thorough. It’s almost as if once they’re done with you, that’s it.’ has contacted ITV for a comment.

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