Game of Thrones Fans Had A Lot of Feelings About Cersei’s Elephant Obsession in the Season 8 Premiere

If you tuned into tonight’s Game of Thrones premiere hoping for elephants—following the revelation that Cersei had enlisted the Golden Company in the Season 7 finale—then you had a whole boatload of disappointment awaiting you. But on the plus side, you were in good company, because Cersei was fully devastated to discover that no elephants were coming.

A brief refresher, in case you’re struggling to remember what on earth the Golden Company is: following her apparent truce with Daenerys, Cersei revealed to Jamie that she had a secret plan to bolster the depleted Lannister army. “Highgarden bought us the most powerful army in Essos, the Golden Company—20,000 men, horses, elephants, I believe,” she told him. Elephants! But in tonight’s premiere, the Golden Company showed up with not an elephant in sight.

“I wanted those elephants,” Cersei said mournfully, and in that moment, she was all of us. But some fans were also confused by her sudden elephant obsession. Here’s a roundup of some of the best reactions Twitter had to offer.

All in all, disappointing. But in unrelated yet extremely relevant news, a truly heartwarming elephant video was circulating on Twitter this weekend courtesy of journalist Yashar Ali. The video involves a lonely orphaned baby elephant named . Ndotto, who was too scared to play with other elephants after being rescued, and honestly you’re just going to need to watch the video. If only Cersei had Twitter access, because the story of Ndotto would fully transform her day.

In conclusion: WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS?!?!

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