Gemma Collins battling mystery illness as she sweats toxins in her sauna saying it's 'best thing' in her £1.3m mansion

GEMMA Collins told fans she was feeling "so unwell" – and decided to sweat out the toxins in her £4,000 home gym.

The self confessed diva, 40 – who has been busy over the past few months embracing her new healthy lifestyle – took a well needed night off yesterday evening.

Over the past few months the GC has been sharing her weight loss updates and workouts with fans on Instagram as part of her health kick.

But just last week the Towie star had to slow down her routine as she battled a bad week of polycystic ovary syndrome.

And now Gemma feels like she's got "some sort of virus" which has "knocked her for six".

The reality favourite decided to sit back and relax in her very own sauna, which is just ONE of the amazing features inside her £1.3m mansion.

She captioned the post: "Getting rid of the toxins that your body stores"

Gemma continued: "Been so unwell last few days, I can't tell you it's not Covid, but deffo some sort of virus.

"Literally knocked me for six and I feel so stressed as I got so much to do but I just have to allow it.

"The most important person is me and my health so I've just got to allow it."

The bubbly blonde later shared another photo of her sweating out all of the bad stuff out of her body.

She told fans: "Literally sweating it out as I need to be back on my feet.

"He he I'm so impatient the best thing in my house is my sauna."

Gemma's amazing glass-fronted Essex pad boasts a number of amazing things including a walk-in wardrobe JUST for her shoes, a £500 designer kettle and a HUGE garden.

But arguably her sauna is the most impressive thing as it helps shrink belly fat, energize cells and boost immunity.

Other benefits include muscle recovery, which is great for her because of all the intense workouts she has been doing.

Last night she posted a picture looking slimmer than ever as she launched a new clothing drop.

Gemma showed off her toned arms in a leopard print top and her slim legs in some white skinny jeans.

Previewing the arrival of new items from her clothing line she wrote: "CAPTION THIS ?? .

"As I was posing I thought WHAT THE ….. is going on with the weather !!!!! New DROP comes tomorrow ??."

Gemma, who has has rebranded herself as the "fitness queen", has shednearly four stone in recent months by running, hiring a personal trainer and doing workouts in her garden.

The Celebrity Big Brother star is now hoping to release an app so that her fans can follow in her footsteps.

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