Georgia Steel brands Megan McKenna ‘nasty’ as they have major fall-out behind the scenes on Celebs Go Dating – The Sun

The former Love Island contestant claimed Megan, 26, has been badmouthing her behind the scenes, while sources have pointed the finger at Georgia for stirring up drama.

A TV insider said: "Georgia and Megan got along great for most of Celebs Go Dating, but they both have such big personalities that it only took a small spark of frustration for things to blow up.

"They started to grate on each other while they were in Tenerife shooting the finale. Since coming back Georgia has accused Megan of name-calling and talking negatively about her.

"The more she thought about it and began questioning why Megan had an issue, the more it agitated her.

"She was upset and started lashing out, branding Megan nasty."

The duo appeared on Good Morning Britain together this morning, with Georgia, 20, gushing about how well the cast had got on.

She said of their time in Tenerife: "It was so much fun. It was really, really good. Everyone got on, all the cast got on, all the celebs. It was lovely, really nice."

However, a source said: "Good Morning Britain is likely the last time they'll have to be in the same room to promote Celebs Go Dating and privately Georgia had vowed not to cross paths with Megan once it was over."

The pair's relationship could still be salvaged though after Georgia took responsibility for their falling out.

The source said: "Georgia has now admitted she was in the wrong and said sorry to Megan for causing any tension. It seems like she felt culpable for things getting out of control."

Drama student Georgia clashed with another former Towie star, Mario Falcone, on Twitter yesterday after he called her an "awful little girl" for rejecting a potential suitor on Celebs Go Dating.

She hit back: "Mario you are so fake, to my face you say hello and all nice yet but behind a your phone screen you chuck abuse my way.

"Let’s not forget your a grown man with a family and I’m a 20 year old girl that has just stepped into the industry. So just leave me alone."

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