'Gilmore Girls' Star, Matt Czuchry, Started Acting After Winning a Pageant in College

Matt Czuchry has had an incredibly successful acting career so far. The 44-year-old has starred in Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, and, most recently, The Resident. More projects are sure to come, too. Acting wasn’t always on Czuchry’s radar, though. He entered college on a tennis scholarship and studied history and political science until a male beauty pageant offered acting classes as a prize.

Matt Czuchry credits a beauty pageant with getting his acting career started

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Czuchry explained that a charity beauty pageant is, in a roundabout way, responsible for his acting career. He explained that in college, he signed up for a charity pageant. While backstage, he realized one of the prizes was acting classes. Czuchry said he knew he had to win and that the prize was important.

It wasn’t his first job ever, though. Before taking on the role of Logan, Czuchry appeared in the short-lived Young Americans. He also appeared on Freaks and Geeks, although only briefly. Since 2016, Czuchry has portrayed Conrad Hawkins in The Resident. The Resident will return for a sixth season, according to a recent press release from Fox.

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