GMB presenter to star in Hollyoaks in special role as characters get GCSE results

Good Morning Britain star presenter Katy Rickitt is set to feature on an episode of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as a TV host asking students about their GCSE results.

Katy was filmed alongside other stars in the show such as Ashley Taylor Dawson, who plays Darren Osborne, and Ela-May Demircan (Leah Barnes).

The real life GMB presenter is married to former Hollyoaks regular Adam Rickitt who played Kyle Kelley until 2020 on Hollyoaks.

In the special episode, Katy plays herself as she chats to students about their results which is a regular real-life feature of TV shows every results day.

The programme will also come in the same week that real-life students will get their results envelopes telling them what they got in their GCSE exams.

Chatting about what is was like on the set, Katy said that it was "amazing" as she was able to pick out all the famous landmarks from the show.

She said: "I have been a lifelong fan of Hollyoaks. From bingeing the omnibus with my university friends to proudly following my husband, Adam Rickitt, in his role as Kyle Kelly.

"It was an absolute honour to be asked to do a cameo for the soap. Also, how many people get to play themselves in soapland? When I found out I’d be on hand to help the Hollyoaks High students open their GCSE results it also brought a smile to my face."

The presenter also added that she has covered the special results day many times in her real job as a TV presenter.

"It’s a day I’ve covered every year without fail for Good Morning Britain and remains a highlight witnessing such a life-changing event," she added.

She also spoke about her experiences filming and said she spent most of the day with Ashley and Ela-May.

"Ashley I know well from working alongside Adam and he looked after me from the moment I arrived," she said.

"I’ve always loved the humour he brings to Darren’s character but also have incredible respect for the empathy he brings to his role.

"Ela-May is nothing short of a little diamond, a real pro who’s submerged herself in her role since practically the moment she was born. I was learning from the best. As someone who spends most of their time in a three-man band (myself, camera and sound) it was incredible witnessing such a large and smooth operation and everyone was so supportive and friendly."

The episode is set to air on E4 on Wednesday at 7pm and again on Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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