Gogglebox viewers praise the Malone Family in final episode after tearful moment

Gogglebox viewers are praising the Malone family for their final appearance in the season – which came to a tearful end thanks to Ricky Gervais’ After Life.

The fan favourites were tasked with watching the finale of the Netflix dark-comedy, which saw heartbreak for Tony (Gervais) as his dad (David Bradley) passed away and his budding relationship with nurse Emma (Ashley Jensen) reached a breaking point.

Mum Julie was in tears at the end of the programme, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. This got her a slight ribbing from her husband Tom Senior, who joked that due to the lockdown she was ‘crying at everything.’

‘Yeah,’ Julie said ‘But my dad died.’

Watching along at home, Gogglebox viewers were quick to heap praise on the family, who have definitely become the rising starts of the show during the most recent series.

One fan got in touch and said: ‘It’s been lovely to watch [the Malones] this series. You seem such a warm, kind and fun family. I look forward to your return.’

Another added: ‘The Malone’s are national treasures.’

Earlier on in the show too, the Malone’s ripped into minister Michael Gove over plans for teachers and pupils to return to school during the lockdown.

Gogglebox airs on Channel 4.

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