Graham Norton’s sassiest Eurovision moments ahead of 2022 final

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Tonight Graham Norton and the rest of the UK will be cheering on Sam Ryder at the Eurovision Song Contest grand final.

Airing on BBC One, the singer is set to perform Space Man, a song he wrote with his friends in summer, 2021.

The star actually rose to fame from the comfort of his own room, as his TikTok videos went viral during lockdown.

Big names such as Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys liked his social media videos and he has only gone from strength to strength since.

It's fair to say Graham won’t be putting him down during his performance, but everyone else is fair game for the late-night TV host.

Over the years he has had some choice examples that have left us all in tiers. Here are some of Graham’s sassiest Eurovision moments.

Serbia’s Hurricane

“It’s less Destiny’s Child… more Destiny’s Inappropriate Auntie.

“Goodness. I guess hairdressers haven’t reopened in Serbia.”

Germany’s Jendrik

“Well this song is Marmite. If everyone hated Marmite.”

Albania's Anxhela Peristeri

“I'm not sure what Anxhela's lockdown diet was but there's a rather a lot of obnoxious gasses emitting from her.”

Finland’s Blind channel

“Why so angry? Was it the lack of conditioner in the hotel bathroom?”

Lithuania’s The Roop

“They look like people from IT who dressed up as Steps for a Christmas party.”

Italy’s Måneskin

“This has already been streamed 30 million times. I’m reading that because I don’t understand it. Maybe it will grow on me, like mould on a bathroom ceiling.”

San Marino’s Senhit joined by Flo Rida

“That is Flo Rida, the multi-billion selling rapper. I don’t know why he’s here.”

What time is Eurovision on tonight?

Eurovision will air on BBC One at 8pm in the UK.

The final will see 25 countries come together and the UK is one of the last to perform.

Sam Ryder will be the 22nd act to get on stage with the 32-year-old artist singing SPACE MAN.

Historically, acts that perform later in the show do better in the voting, as they are fresher in viewers minds.

Ryder may do the seemingly impossible and bring the UK home a win, but the bookies think Ukraine has it in the bag for 2022.

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