Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud embarassed as he breaks couple’s door in new home

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Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud has been left embarassed after accidentally breaking the brand new door of a homeowner’s kitchen.

Kevin had been visiting the home of Maite and Carlos, a couple intent on creating a spacious home full of light to remind Maite of the mountainous Spanish village in which she grew up.

However, with no formal design training, creating the huge three bedroom property was sure to be a struggle within the couple’s £310,000 budget.

But, stepping into the half-finished kitchen over halfway through the process and, with the units finally installed, Kevin was impressed at the progress so far.

One unique feature of the space were the sliding doors, which Maite had plans to paint and turn into moving pieces of artwork.

“When they are closed, it’s going to look like a gallery,” she explained.

Kevin went over to examine the idea a little more closely, and had a go at moving the door back and forth on its rail.

“Does it work?” he asked before the canvas to the right. “Oohh, that’s nice. Oh I do like that.”

But, just as he was complementing the mechanism, the TV host appeared to jolt the door away from its sliding rail.

“Oh dear I’ve broken it,” he admitted. “I have, I’ve just broken it, it’s just come off… so sorry.”

Thankfully, the new homeowners weren’t upset with Kevin, and instead found themselves laughing at the awkwardness of the situation, while Carlos fetched a step ladder to reattach the door.

The pair featured as one of the couples on Channel 4’s new series of Grand Designs: The Streets, which sees householders attempting to create their own homes in an enormous self-build project.

The new series marked features a return to Graven Hill in Oxfordshire, to assess the progress of those who signed up to the first series of the programme, which aired in 2019.

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