Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr. Sings 'Wait for It' in Election PSA About Counting Every Vote

Leslie Odom Jr. has delighted millions singing Hamilton's rousing ballad "Wait for It" — and now he's applying the song's powerful message to a very important PSA.

The actor, who played Senator Aaron Burr in the hit Broadway musical, stars in a new video urging Americans to wait until every vote is counted on election night Tuesday. The plea comes as millions of Americans voted by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the inspiring PSA from RepresentUS, Odom sings bits of "Wait for It" and explains why Americans must follow the popular song as videos play of real-life voters and families across the country.

"Look, this is pretty clear: Every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard," Odom says. "In this historic election, millions of you have mailed in your ballots or dropped them off, and all of us deserve to be counted."

"These are votes from our grandparents, staying safe from COVID. Our overseas military, sending in their ballots by mail. Our neighbors, our friends. Nurses, teachers, firefighters," he continues. "I mean, this is actually simple — voting is one of our fundamental rights and counting votes is the foundation of democracy. It may take time but your vote is worth waiting for, and I’m willing to wait for it."

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PEOPLE's politics team previously published a round-up explanation of why Americans likely won't know who won between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump on election night.

State election officials and voting experts have warned it will take longer than usual to count ballots for this year’s general election, a byproduct of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the increased interest in general leading droves of Americans to cast mail ballots.

While the circumstances surrounding this election have been nothing short of unprecedented, experts say not knowing the official results on the night polls close is a completely normal occurrence.

“We’ve never had official results on election night,” Tammy Patrick, a senior adviser to the elections program at the bipartisan Democracy Fund Voice foundation, said.

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