‘He should be valued!’ Ex-Hill’s Angel blasts bid to cancel Benny Hill ‘one of the greats’

GMB: Benny Hill ‘should be valued’ says Julie Kirk Thomas

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Susanna Reid and Adil Reid discussed the return of The Benny Hill Show on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain with former Benny Hill angel Julie Kirk Thomas clashing with Debbie Arnold who had refused to star in the show at the time. Julie argued the comedian was “one of the greats” and agreed with the decision to bring back the series for Christmas.

Julie argued: “A lot of Benny’s humour the targets were the men, they were being portrayed as inadequate.

“The girls were on top they were chasing him around the field and I feel it’s a historic piece of television.

“It should be seen again we’re experiencing a lot of programmes and we should value his talent.

“Can you think of one British comedian artist who wrote his own material and performed it who is known all over the world.”

“You mention his name in every country and everybody knows Benny Hill,” she continued.

“He should be valued, he didn’t swear, he didn’t use any bad language, it was all very visual.”

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