Holly and Phillip face calls to be replaced on This Morning

Josie & Craig address Holly, Phil, Alison & Dermot’s absence

This Morning viewers were thrilled to see a switch-up of presenters on Monday, as Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle stepped into front the ITV programme. As they weclcomed viewers to the show, Josie and Craig addressed Holly Willoughby and Phillip’s Schofield’s absence. They also discussed why Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, who filled in for Holly and Phil last week, were not there either.

Holly and Phillip always take a break from presenting duties during the school holidays.

As she opened the show, Josie began: “Welcome to your Bank Holiday This Morning, we hope you’re having a lovely Easter.

“I know I am because I am joined by Doyle-a-roo, it’s been a long time.”

“It has,” Craig agreed as Josie asked: “Did you miss me?”

He replied: “I have very badly, they have let us play together again.

“We’ve got a like a free gaff, do you know what a gaff is?

“A free house because the adults are away, right?

“Phil and Holly are away, our favourite aunt and uncle, Alison and Dermot, they’re away.”

“We can invite over who we want,” he added. “We have the run of the place.

“So because of that, I’ve brought you a performing duck.”

Viewers were delighted at the presenting line-up, and many have called for Josie and Craig to replace Holly and Phil as presenters.

Some viewers have suggested the pair would make great “permanent” hosts.

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Taking to Twitter, @GopiLaura wrote: “Tuned in today for josie and Craig . Time @ITV @thismorningchanged presenters.. listen to your viewers! Love Josie and Craig . It’s time for change … #ThisMorning.”

@JulesItsjules said: “Possibly time for a #ThisMorning makeover. No Phil &Holly in the opening credits, no mention of last week’s giant theatre faux pas. And much as I love Josie and Craig the format feels stale now. Time for a change?” (sic)

While @kellymcc5 asked: “Can Craig and Josie replace Holly & Phil? #ThisMorning”

“Can we have Craig & Josie as presenters Fulltime #ThisMorning,” @UKTVForever echoed. (sic)

@DebsGlynm tweeted: “Nice to see Josie and Craig on today. Make them permanent ffs.”

@etchlifestyle added: “Please reconsider your full-time presenters; Craig & Josie are an absolute joy.” (sic)

@MJ_JJ061215 praised: “How lovely turning on #ThisMorning today and seeing the lovely Craig and Josie instead of the awful Hammond, Schofield or Willoughby! These 2 should be the regular hosts…get rid of the other 3 – they’re well past their sell by date.” (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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