House of Flowers season 4 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Season three of The House of Flowers/La Casa de las Flores premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, April 23, and fans of the Mexican black comedy-drama have been binge-watching the series ever since. Will there be more House of Flowers to come? has everything you need to know.

Will there be another series of The House of Flowers?

Unfortunately, there is bad news for fans of The House of Flowers/La Casa de las Flores.

Season three of the Mexican black comedy-drama was the show’s final series.

The news of the show’s cancellation was announced back in 2018 when Netflix renewed the series for a second and third, and final series.

The cancellation of The House of Flowers does come as a bit of shock to fans, considering the series has a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb and had been highly praised by critics worldwide.

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Show director Manolo Caro had stated that he always knew the show would end with its third edition.

However, there is some good news for fans of The House of Flowers.

Caro has signed a four-year deal with Netflix and has confirmed that he has planned multiple new Mexico-based titles to be released on the streamer in the future, so there is plenty more of his work to look forward too.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Caro said: “We knew that this would be the last one.

“We knew since we made the first that if things went well there would be three seasons.

“We believed that it was a fair number because then other stories and opportunities would arise.

“But I can say that since the show’s launch, we are very happy with people’s response.

“People are responding very positively and hopefully they enjoy the third.

“This is a season that is centred around nostalgia and we are ready to see where it goes.”


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Reflecting on the show’s third and final outing, Caro said: “I think what will surprise you most is the nostalgia — the nostalgia that these characters, whom you all love greatly, have as their stories come to an end.

“ And you will also see how sometimes life is full of cycles and the de la Mora family will complete one major cycle.”

Speaking about the new series he added: “I loved Christian Chávez’s character named Patricio, and he’s a new character.

“[He was my favourite] because he shows how society has changed, and the repression against the homosexual community.

“You see how Virginia wasn’t bothered by the LGBTQ community and, as the years go by, how her opinions change.

“He’s a wonderful character and I think people will appreciate Patricio because he touches on important topics that we need to give a voice to today, such as repression and how people’s minds change.”


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Despite the series being cancelled, fans who have binge-watched the latest instalment have been calling for a fourth season.

One fan tweeted: “I can’t believe it’s 3:30 am… lol I just finished Season 3 of House of Flowers La Casa De Las Flores and I AM BLOWN AWAY! Season 4, please!!! I need the answers [email protected]

A second fan said: “One of my absolute faves! I need season 4 to happen immediately.”

A Third viewer commented; “No more #LaCasaDeLasFlores ever?! I’m going to miss that show! Maria Jose was so beautiful with that hairdo and in a white dress! I loved younger versions of characters in flashbacks. The casting was impeccable!”

The House of  Flowers is streaming on Netflix now

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