House on sale for $420k seems normal… until you see the toilet on the stairs

Oh, look a nice three-bed family home in Newtown, Pennsylvania, on sale for $420,000.

Let’s click through the photos. Ooh, a cute kitchen with wood detailing. Fireplace in the living room, lovely. Military uniform hanging up in an otherwise empty room, a bit odd, but fine. A loft. A basement with a mysterious wooden door. Three bedrooms.

Wait. Wait a minute. What is that? Why is it there?

Yes, friends, that is indeed a toilet in the middle of a staircase.

And yes, that staircase is indeed carpeted.

We have a lot of questions.

Why would you install a toilet in the middle of a staircase, with no walls or coverings to shield you from your housemates?

Why would you make a hole in the carpet to add this toilet, rather than simply ripping it up and sticking to a more easil wiped down surface?

And, actually, can we go back to the tiny door in the basement? Where does that lead?

Alas, we do not have answers to any of these questions. Instead, the listing from estate agents Bright MLS simply describes the house as having ‘great bones’ (we assume/hope they’re referring to the structure, rather than any actual skeletons lying behind that mini door).

‘Come see this three-bedroom, two-bath rancher,’ say the agents. ‘Centrally located in a desirable area, this home has great bones, lots of spaces for storage, multiple walk-up attics, a large workshop in the basement, a side apartment addition was added on, and an extra large detached garage behind the home. Great spaces for workshops or storing equipment.

‘With some updating and TLC, this home is worth it. A one of a kind offering in Central Bucks School district. The detached building has high ceilings, multiple bays and was used for a business use, but it is not zoned for business.

‘It is fantastic storage. The property and buildings are maintained, but it is being sold as is.’

They’re not wrong about the ‘one of a kind’ bit.

The house was spotted by the good people of Reddit, who were just as baffled as we are.

‘I expected to see a small bathroom built underneath the stairs, not a toilet randomly installed in the middle of a staircase,’ wrote one beholder of the property.

‘I would like to hear an explanation from the person or family who decided that was a good idea.’


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