How to get a TV licence refund from the BBC

Pensioner says she'll 'go to jail' over BBC TV licence fee

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Speaking to the select committee for culture, Ms Dorries told MPs the Government needs to look at how the BBC compares with its blossoming competition. Royal Charter arrangements guarantee the current licence configuration until 2027. Ms Dorries said “discussions” would take place before then surrounding its future.

How to get a TV licence refund from the BBC

The BBC’s licence fee arrangements currently set people back £159 per year.

The total for the standard licence increased this year, rising by £1.50 from £157.50 to its present rate in April.

While it is necessary to watch BBC programmes live or online, it covers live television in general.

Not everyone will need television channels, given the vast range of alternatives available, however.

As such, they may regret buying the licence and require a refund.

The service allows people to back out if they don’t need it again before it expires, provided they have at least one “complete” month left.

People can apply up to two weeks before the date they no longer need the licence.

They can also claim a refund if the licence expired less than two years ago, although over-75 and blind licence holders do not have a time limit.

TV licensing has provided the following checklist for those looking for a refund:

Complete the online refund form here, including the name, address and the date the licence is no longer needed

Print out the form, if the service asks for evidence and sign it

Send the completed form to The Refund Centre, TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL

Anyone asked to provide evidence for their refund should supply documents relevant to their situation.

These include:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Council tax bills
  • Property completion statements
  • Final water bills
  • Proof of payment for more than one licence
  • Confirmation of higher education
  • Ministry of Defence (MOD) letters
  • Opening and closing dates for a holiday home
  • A solicitor’s letter
  • A Royal Mail letter confirming redirection
  • A letter confirming admission into either a hospital or care home
  • Proof someone aged 75 or over is resident at the address

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Without evidence, TV Licensing warns eligible people may only receive a refund for three months of their licence use.

Typically, successful applicants will receive their money approximately three weeks after the form arrives.

If the issue with the licence is rooted in difficulty paying, there are other options available.

Some people may find they qualify for a free television licence.

The service is discerning about who it offers free licences and reserves them only for older people.

Currently, the only way to get a free TV licence is by meeting age and financial requirements.

People aged over 75 can get one only if they or their partner receives Pension Credit.

Those living with severe vision impairment can get a discounted version costing £79.50; 50 percent less.

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