How to watch Power Book II: Ghost in the UK without Starz

Power Book 2 – Ghost Season 2 teaser trailer

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Power Book II: Ghost has been airing on Starz in the US, and the second instalment is about to drop. The series is popular across the globe and British viewers are equally as excited for the drama to return. has all you need to know about how to watch the new episodes without Starz.

How to watch Power Book II: Ghost season 2

Power Book II: Ghost first arrived in September 2020 and the attention turned to young Tariq St. Patrick (played by Michael Rainey Jr) as he juggled school with his new job.

He took a dark path in order to make money to pay for his mother’s defence attorney, turning to a world of drugs.

Season two makes its debut on Sunday, November 21, and will air weekly on Starz in the US.

The original Power series is available to watch on Netflix, with Power Book III: Raising Kanan airing on Starzplay, through Amazon Prime Video.

Fans in the UK should be able to watch the new season of Ghost through Starzplay, too.

They can get access to the platform if they are an Amazon Prime customer but will have to pay an extra £4.99 per month on top of the cost of the streaming service.

The new series will begin on Starzplay UK on the same day as the US, on November 21.

Sadly fans in the UK will be unable to access the episodes for free, as they are released on a paid-for streaming service.

At this moment in time, it is not known what time of day the episodes will arrive on Starzplay.

For those watching in the US, the premiere will air at 8pm ET (Eastern Time) and 5pm PT (Pacific Time).

In the new season, Tariq’s latest antics have been exposed as Professor Jabari Reynolds (Justin Marcel McManus) gains insight.

The truth about “Ghost” St Patrick’s (Omari Hardwick) murder comes to light and Tariq is caught for selling drugs on campus.

His mum Tasha (Naturi Naughton) went into Witness Protection and Tariq had no idea where she was as a result.

Season two will see the youngster attempt to locate his mother.

The second season will also bring some new characters into the spotlight.

Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook) and Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) have both been bumped up to main stars.

Effie (Alix Lapri) and Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) have also become pivotal characters in season two.

The trailer for season two shows Tariq under pressure as he has to avoid becoming the prime suspect in a murder case.

Starz shared the teaser video with the warning: “Time to deal with the consequences.”

The trailer says: “Does the end justify the means?”

Fans were surprised to see Kanan (50 Cent) pop up in the trailer as an apparition in Tariq’s mind.

Dark Sister said on YouTube: “I love how Kanan seems to be his conscience at times.”

Second City Dude said: “I love the apparition of Kanan and him being in Tariq’s mind.”

Maurice Williams said: “Everything in this trailer was fantastic, Kanan is back again in Tariq’s hallucination.

“My only prediction is that Zeke is definitely going to get murdered by his own Aunt Monet because he’s definitely getting under of pressure.”

Power Book II: Ghost airs on Starz in the US and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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