I’m a body language expert – Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s flirty snaps show what’s REALLY going on in romance riddle | The Sun

IT'S the Hollywood flirt-fest that has sent fans into a frenzy.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's sizzling chemistry in recent weeks has sparked theories the pair are secretly dating, with social media sleuths poring over a number of eye-catching snaps and videos.

This week, the rumour mill went into overdrive after reports emerged that the movie co-stars had both split with their respective partners.

Sydney, 25, known for dramas White Lotus and Euphoria, got engaged to restaurateur Jonathan Davino, 39, a year ago, but he was recently spotted leaving their home in Los Angeles with a suitcase.

Meanwhile, Top Gun: Maverick actor Glen’s model girlfriend Gigi Paris, 30, appeared to confirm she had broken up with him by posting a message saying: “Know your worth and on to the next.”

The sparks between Sydney and Glen, 34, were first spotted as they filmed their new rom-com, Anyone But You, in Australia, with sources on the set saying there was "unmistakable chemistry".

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A video of Sydney slinking back on Glen's lap was then heavily shared, while a flirty exchange at a Vegas film convention this week – where the actor said he loves his co-star calling him 'Top Gun' – fuelled the flames further.

Body language expert Judi James says: "Red carpet faux-mances are such a common way of plugging a movie that a more accurate way of reading true romance body language is often when the co-stars appear to be ignoring each other, like Angelina and Brad did back in the day.

"But when Sydney and Glen’s partners appear to be rumoured to be bailing or at least posting cryptic clues, this run-of-the-mill-looking ‘showmance’ could suddenly have developed legs."

Here Judi assesses whether they are just cosying up for the camera or if there might be more to their embraces.

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Generation gap

Glen looked at the camera, while Sydney looked at him on the red carpetCredit: Getty

Journalists were struck by the chemistry between Glen and Sydney when they appeared at Cinema Con to promote Anyone But You.

But Judi says: "There appears to be an age gap in Sydney and Glen’s body language behaviours.

"In the red carpet stills Glen is doing ‘adult’, mainly responding to the cameras and courting their attention while Sydney’s signals suggest she is seeking attention from Glen.

"The eye-gazing is relatively one-sided. Sydney is looking at Glen in most of the poses, or even gazing up at him like a besotted fan, with a smile that suggests she is trying to get him to look at her and laugh with her or pay her attention.

"Glen’s signature pose here is one he seems to adopt on any red carpet: feet splayed, torso turned to the camera, one hand slung casually in his pocket and a straight gaze down the lens.

"His mouth smile looks non-committal and there are no signs of any eye or feature-softening that might suggest ‘the look of love’."

'Playful' flirting

Sydney couldn't keep her eyes off Glen as they answered questions about their new film at Cinema Con.

Judi explains: "Sydney’s body language is far more fun, demonstrative, playful and connective.

"Her torso is turned in more towards his in their red carpet poses and her arm is round his waist.

"Her eye-gaze is almost constant and her wide smile looked more relaxed and congruent.

"Laughing together her mouth is stretched wide and her neck cranes towards him as though she is desperate to get his undivided attention and smiling response.

"Even when they are holding their mics for an interview she combines a mic held up to her mouth and some eye-gazing to produce a flirty look that might or might not relate to their chemistry on screen.

"When the pair laugh face-to-face his smile looks polite and over-stretched and overall he gives the impression of a guy who might prefer to tone things down in terms of any PDAs."

'Intimate' snaps

The co-stars didn't cool off between takes in the water while filming Anyone But You in Australia.

Photographers caught them playing around and laughing in what appear to be off-guard moments.

Judi explains: "In the water shots she is clearly quite clingy with him and laughing direct into his face, using eye contact, with her mouth wide open in an unsophisticated pose.

"These poses look intimate but there is a spare foot in shot, which might imply they were in the middle of filming."

'Deliberate helplessness'

Glen seemed to be surprised when Sydney fell backwards on his knee in one recent video that has since gone viral – but perhaps not as shocked as their partners would be.

Judi says: "The ‘backward dip’ clip is probably something no partner might want to watch although the context might be important if it was on set and part of the movie or rehearsal.

"By dipping backward over Glen’s leg, Sydney adopts a pose of total abandon, throwing her arms out and throwing herself into space with only Glen to ensure she doesn’t land on the floor. 

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"This is a state of deliberate helplessness that can show total trust in the other person.

"Glen does grab her here but again there’s that age/maturity gap showing as his laugh looks surprised and slightly embarrassed as she turns upside-down in a rather revealing top."

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