Im A Celeb viewers blast dangerous trial as Chris Moyles cheated

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On Monday night’s instalment of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! fans watched as the four jungle VIPs took part in their first trial. Being placed into a tank while water quickly rose, Chris Moyles and Boy George had to find stars that fell into the container and put them into their bags. Viewers noticed the radio DJ was struggling to breathe towards the end of the trial and branded it “dangerous”.

Viewers of I’m A Celebrity slammed the first Bushtucker trial of the series as it became clear Chris was starting to panic.

The challenge was a team effort which consisted of Olivia Attwood and Scarlette Douglas putting their hands inside small critter-filled holes to turn the taps inside to fill a water pipe.

As the water pipe filled, it would reach a number which then correlated to a star that would drop into a water-filled tank that George and Chris had to catch and place in their bag.

While the two men lay waiting, the water inside their containers started to fill rapidly until only their mouths and eyes were exposed.

Towards the end of their allocated 10 minutes, it became clear Chris was starting to panic as he was taking small shallow breaths to calm himself down.

With the water almost submerging his face entirely, viewers watching quickly took to Twitter to slam how dangerous the trial was.

McDoogan83 tweeted: “Those water levels were a bit bloody dangerous at the end.”

Mrskmob1 added: “That task was dangerous. The water went way too high…”

With MartinLeyland1 adding:!I think that setup with the water is a bit too dangerous. If the security latch failed.. and the water kept filling up..”

Once their 10 minutes were complete, the two tanks opened and the water quickly come flooding out with George and Chris.

During his state of panic while in the container, the radio host failed to secure one of the stars as it floated in the water.

However, once he had been released and spotted the missed star, eagle-eyed viewers saw him quickly pop it into his bag despite the challenge being over.

In the end, the two men managed to get a total of eight of the 10 stars, although fans have fumed with Chris claiming he cheated at the end of the trial.

Claire Westly said: “Am I the only one who noticed Chris Moyles added a star into his bag after the vault opened and he fell out? They should have only had 7 meals, not 8.”

“Chris Moyles sneaking that last star into his bag when he came out,” added LauraBerry95.

Twitter user djarinknight questioned: “Did chris just get that star and shove it in his bag??”

After they both counted their stars, the 48-year-old admitted to Ant and Dec that he was panicking towards the end of the timer.

Meanwhile George told the presenting duo he was calm as he joked he was birthed at the end of the trial. have contacted ITV for further comment.

I’m A Celebrity continues at the later time of 9:15pm tonight on ITV.

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