I'm A Celebrity 2021 – Fans FURIOUS as 'pampered' celebs have secret hot water supply & are plied with free cigarettes

I'M A Celebrity fans watched Danny Miller take on a disgusting eating trial.

The Emmerdale star had been voted in by the viewers to take on The Dreaded Diner.

Danny told viewers that he was squeamish, which was big mistake.

Viewers then hid behind their hands as they watched him, along with Snoochie Shy, eat things like bull's penis and cow teats.

On a lighter note, fans fell in love with Danny's "man crush" on handsome footy ace David Ginola.

Read our I'm A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…

  • Milica Cosic

    Snoochie's saved her curls

    The MTV presenter – real name Cheyenne Davide – revealed before entering the show that she liked the campmates "red and blue outfit", saying it was “something I would wear to a rave”, but will miss her lipgloss.

    She added: “I’ve got my hair braided at the moment so the hair is intact.

    "So if there’s any cockroaches or anything they will not be able to get through my curls.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Banned items

    Some items are banned from the Gwrych Castle – but not earrings.

    Celebs are not allowed to bring in food, salt and pepper, pillows, make-up, cycling shorts, extra underwear, phones, books, messages from family, clocks and writing materials.

    Jewellery is allowed, with Frankie Bridge and Louise Minchin opting to wear their wedding rings during the 2021 series.

  • Milica Cosic

    I’m A Celebrity’s viewers baffled at Snoochie

    I'M A Celebrity's viewers were baffled last night as Snoochie Shy has been allowed to wear earrings in camp.

    People flocked to Twitter and asked had the jewellery breached health and safety rules or was the accessory Snoochie's luxury item.

    One person wrote: "Why does snoochie still have her earrings? Didn’t think they would be allowed? #ImACeleb"

    Another typed on Twitte: "Has anyone else noticed that Snoochie keeps having different earrings in? Finding it a bit odd she’s allowed more than one set."

    As another said: "How is Snoochie allowed to wear those earrings? Surely they are a luxury item #ImACeleb"

    Snoochie Shy has been allowed to wear earrings in the I'm A Celebrity camp Credit: Rex
  • Milica Cosic

    Bookies odds on favourite to win

    Frankie Bridge is slight outright favourite at 4/1 according to Ladbrokes

    She is just ahead of Danny Miller at 9/2, while David Ginola is now joint third favourite at 11/2 alongside Simon Gregson.

  • Milica Cosic

    Potty mouth

    Richard Madeley’s family were left in hysterics after his potty mouth entrance into the castle last night.

    The new Good Morning Britain host shocked many viewers with his liberal use of swear words on launch night, but his children Chloe and Jack and wife Judy Finnigan were amused by his potty mouth as they watched at home.

    Chloe, son Jack and wife Judy Finnigan were heard giggling as they filmed Richard telling his team mates how to keep their fire going round the clock after losing the opening challenge and being sent to the castle clink.

    Richard said: “When we all we get up for a p**s in the night… whenever you get up, you just put logs on the fire.”

  • Joanne Kavanagh


    Naughty Boy revealed last night how he 'woke up traumatised' and nearly quit the show.

    But the music producer says he was convinced to stay when he was sent a 'sign'.

    He admitted: “I can honestly say, first night in The Clink, I woke up traumatised.

    "But I had no one to blame but myself. I was even questioning,
    should I be here?

    "A robin flew in. I felt something. That robin’s here to see me. We chilled for a bit.

    "Yeah, I was thinking that robin came with a message and all that message is is everything’s going to be OK.”

  • Joanne Kavanagh

    Winner takes it all

    The 2021 campmates are all hoping to be crowned King or Queen of the Castle.

    But can you remember who all the past winners are?

    Fear not, lucky for you we've put together a FULL rundown of all the past winners.

    Can you remember who won the first series?

  • Joanne Kavanagh

    King or Queen of the castle?

    Fans are already rooting for their winner and the bookies have their predictions.

    Here are the latest odds from Ladbrokes:

    • Danny Miller – 10/3
    • David Ginola – 4/1
    • Frankie Bridge – 4/1
    • Louise Minchin – 8/1
    • Simon Gregson – 9/1
    • Richard Madeley – 10/1
    • Naughty Boy – 14/1
    • Adam Woodyatt – 16/1
    • Snoochie Shy – 16/1
    • Kadeena Cox – 20/1
    • Matty Lee – 20/1
    • Arlene Phillips – 50/1

    Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "Danny Miller was a firm frontrunner in the build-up to last night's series opener, but the odds suggest he's now very much the one to beat in North Wales."

    Something fishy

    Thanks to Danny's win, the Clink camp won a fish supper.
    When their dinner arrived Danny collected it and it was pike – much to his annoyance.
    Talking in the Telegraph, Danny said: “Much to my dismay it was fish and not only fish but it was pike which you could probably catch in the Manchester canal.”
    Luckily the fish went down well with everyone else.

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Poor Snoochie

      Snoochie got teary thinking about the losing the trial and walked into the courtyard, Louise saw and followed her to comfort her.

      Talking in the Telegraph, Snoochie got teary as she said: “I was kind of dreading coming back and telling them, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t get you food today’. 

      "I just kept apologising and everyone was like, ‘You don’t need to apologise’ but I just feel really guilty.”
      Also talking in the Telegraph, Louise said: “She was emotional and I completely understand that, she thinks she’s let us down even though we don’t think she has let us down.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Happy campers

      Danny returned with the good news that he had won the Clink camp a feast

      Richard said: “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone’s face – in recent memory – looking so utterly happy.

      "Utterly pleased. Not with himself, but with the outcome.”

      Arlene said: “I am absolutely thrilled at Danny’s return with 5 stars. It means more than you can imagine.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Danny wins!

      Ant and Dec announced the Dreaded Diner trial was a tie they’d now get a Van Hella milkshake (blended fermented tofu), the first person to drink it would win.
      Danny and Snoochie both downed their drinks and Danny won, he was so happy with himself and pleased The Clink campmates would eat.
      Snoochie said: “I’ve had a good time, but I can’t lie, I’ve had better. I’m happy for Danny though, it means The Clink will eat, they need food.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Head to head

      Danny and Snoochie faced each other for the gruesome Dreaded Diner trial.

      Ant and Dec explained what was going to happen.
      Dec said: “You guessed it, it’s an eating trial! You will compete head-to-head and the winning celebrity will feed their camp tonight. 

      “You’ll each be presented with five dishes which you must eat as instructed.

      "The celebrity that completes the most dishes will win the trial and feed their camp and the loser will go back empty handed.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Team player

      As Danny prepared for the Trail, his Clink campmates rallied around him. 
      Naughty Boy said: “You’ve got this.”

      Danny confessed: “This is the worst thing that could happen for me here and it’s day one.

      "I knew it was going to happen, the minute he said diner, I knew it
      was going to me. I started shaking, I could feel it.”
      David said to him: “The best thing to do – it depends what it is – but put it in your mouth, close your eyes, don’t look at it. Think it is not going to hurt you.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Cake and eat it

      There was some good news for the Clink camp after they won the celebrity chest challenge.

      The Clink’s Arlene and Richard and Main Camp’s Louise and Matty were
      challenged to take on head-to-head challenge Don’t Blow It.

      But they were triumphant and returned to camp with cake.

    • Joanne Kavanagh


      After watching David work out, Danny told Arlene: “I think I’ve got a man crush.”
      Arlene in the Telegraph said: “Whatever he does, it’s so strong. And he’s so beautiful.

      "And he does it all with this very calm, quiet, centred way. It’s a great
      visual, I’m quite enjoying it!” 
      Arlene then asked David: “What exercise do you now do? Daily? Weekly?”
      David said: “Daily 100 – 150 press ups, 200-300 sit ups… not too much, just enough.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Sweet dreams

      Over in Main Camp tonight Snoochie said in the Telegraph: “My first sleep
      was actually really comfy. I don’t know what I was expecting”
      While Matty lonfessed: “I’m in a room full of girls. Usually that would
      be the dream.

      "But in this… it’s not that sort of thing. It’s weird. I feel outnumbered.”
      Also in the telegraph Kadeena said: “Waking up in the Castle is so crazy!

      "It still doesn’t feel like it’s real, but it’s so amazing to wake up with the weirdest surroundings, but the coolest people around you.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      The snorer

      As morning broke in The Clink there was a loud sound of snoring – from footy legend David Ginola.

      In the Telegraph Naughty Boy said: “There’s a lot of snoring, but not from
      everyone. David is a legend. But he also snores like a legend.”
      Later in the Telegraph David said: “I’m not the only one snoring. I woke up last
      night and there was some snoring.

      "I don’t know where it was coming from. The Clink is terrible.

      "You can’t get a good night in a place like that. It’s impossible.”

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Danny's the fav

      Tonight viewers praised Danny for his effort in the gross trial.

      The poor lad took on cow teats and a bull's penis, to name just a few gruesome treats.

      But fans were impressed, with one tweeting: "What a guy! He completed it and won the meals for camp, true champ"

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      David the hero

      Viewers were loving David Ginola tonight.

      His pep talk with Danny before he did the gruesome trial went down a treat.

      One viewer tweeted: "If Danny wins this I credit Danny for it but also David too for his pep talk with him"

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Second time's a charm

      It was revealed tonight's Snoochie will take on the another trial tomorrow night.

      The trial will see two celebs – Snoochie from the main camp along with one from the Clink – go head-to-head in a dark tunnel surrounded by critters and creepy crawlies as they compete to win stars and meals for their respective camps.

      As Ant and Dec entered the main camp to announce who would be taking part, it came down to diving star Matty Lee and Snoochie – and Snoochie cried out as she heard it would be her.

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Boris gag

      Host Dec tonight cheekily mocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson's embarrassing gaffe in a speech to business leaders today.

      Boris repeated "forgive me" as he lost his place in his script during an address to the Confederation of British Industry.

      Watch the moment right here.

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      'Sick to my stomach'

      Viewers were left wanting to "throw up" as they watched Snoochie and Danny take on that disgusting eating trial.

      Danny chowed down on cow’s teats, pig’s brain and fermented catfish. He also ate a goat’s testicle and a large bull’s penis.

      Fans of the show were quick to comment on the gruesome eating challenge, with many claiming it was close to making them sick.

      One viewer said: "Why did I think it would be a good idea to order a takeaway for this tonight's episode of I'm a Celeb? I'm close to throwing up."

      Echoing their comments another fan said: "My husband was sitting next to me and now thinks it's a good idea to wretch along with the show."

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Crocodile tears?

      Some fans are claiming that Snoochie tears over losing the trial weren't real.

      The DJ started to cry after it sunk in that she had lost out on winning food for camp.

      Poor girl had just drank a pig's uterus – give her a break!

    • Joanne Kavanagh

      Treacherous Traps

      Poor old Snoochie is up AGAIN for the next trial.

      Viewers obviously enjoyed watching her suffer in the eating trial.

      Main camp must now decide which celeb from Clink will joinher.

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