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ADAM Collard's dramatic Love Island return has sent shockwaves through the villa.

The lothario, 26, who starred in the 2018 edition of the ITV2 show, vowed to ruffle feathers – and he's already making good on his promise.

Now claiming to have changed his playboy ways and looking for genuine love, controversial contestant Adam wasted no time in pulling girls for chats.

And it's already emerged that Jacques O'Neill has left the villa following a bust-up with Adam because he badmouthed him to Paige Thorne.

Fans are now wondering which girl will fall for his charms and whether he will be able to break up more couples.

Here relationships expert and psychologist Jo Hemmings analyses the sneaky tricks Adam's using to turn girls' heads, and which couples could be doomed.


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Paige – 'Top prize'

Jo believes Adam tried to woo Paige by keeping direct eye contact, mirroring her body language, and keeping a respectful distance.

He also points his torso and legs towards her – a clear sign that he's interested in her and a way to communicate his maturity.

Jo adds: "She would be Adam’s top prize – he targeted her for a chat first.

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"Having only just forgiven Jacques for his misbehaviour while the girls were away in Casa Amor, Adam has done his research and knows that while Paige is ready to reconcile with Jacques, she is still concerned that he is not ready to settle down and is too immature for her.

"Adam’s slick words of reassurance that he can provide exactly that, and that she deserves better, have completely confused her.

"He is brazenly tempting her with all the elements missing from her coupling with Jacques, making her doubt him once again.

"This is one to watch."

Tasha – 'Taking advantage of cracks'

When it comes to Tasha, Jo thinks Adam tries to show her his buff body by leaning in so she can get a good look, in the hope she will feel he is the "missing link".

She says: "Gravitating towards Andrew, but still taken with Billy, it didn’t take long for Adam to navigate a path through those cracks and make Tasha wonder if either man is right for her.

"He presents himself as the perfect package in one.

"Less needy than Andrew, more ripped and purposeful than Billy, he knows exactly what he needs to do to play with her mind – even though she doesn’t seem to be someone he is especially taken with."

Gemma – Physical intimacy

Jo observes how Adam got physically close to Gemma, with his arm around the back of the sofa and even copying Luca to an extent.

His timing was also on point, speaking to her last knowing the boys would be returning imminently.

She says: "Adam knew he had to go the extra mile here, as Gemma is pretty loved up with Luca.

"He gave it his best alpha-male shot, deliberately choosing a time to be speaking to her when Luca was likely to arrive back from his day trip and catch them in the act.

"In order to disrupt their relationship further, he admitted to Gemma that he was only interested in her and Paige – two of the more settled girls in the villa – and managed to get her to admit that she had two types – Luca and her ex Jacques being one, and Davide – tall, dark, fit and handsome, the Italian version of Adam, being the other.

"Although Gemma has no intention of getting to know Adam, she quite enjoys the disruption that he causes and loves that Luca is likely to get jealous."

Ekin-Su – 'I'm a hot Jay'

According to Jo, Adam realises that Ekin-Su is as tough as they come and is quite respectful with his body language.

In spite of this, he still tries to maintain eye contact with the Turkish beauty, in an effort to tempt her away from her Italian Stallion.

"Ekin has gone through quite the journey to stay with Davide and while she isn’t ready to end that relationship, Adam knows that there is a possibility that her head could be turned," says Jo.

"He even went as far as describing himself as a ‘hot Jay’ – the guy who turned her head last time.

"Adam senses that she is not fully convinced that Davide is it in for the long-haul, so he sold himself to her as the guy with all the looks of Davide, but with much more serious intent.

"He found the sweet spot that might make her doubt her feelings towards Davide."

Danica – Tactical chat

Jo doesn't feel like there was much of a connection between Danica and Adam, and that him pulling her for a chat early doors was a tactical move.

He did not lean in or keep direct eye contact, and remained polite, with no intimate questions.

Jo says: "Danica is the only single girl that Adam has tried to get to know so far.

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"He is savvy enough to recognise that he needed to approach at least one uncoupled girl to avoid being outed as a player, flown in simply to disrupt existing relationships.

"He needs to make each girl feel special and earn their trust as quickly as possible, and that strategy would have been much less likely to work if he hadn’t tried to chat up at least one of the single girls."

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