Ioan Gruffudd's mum insists 'no one else' involved in marriage breakdown amid claims actor 'grew close to another woman'

IOAN Gruffudd’s mum has insisted no one else was involved in her son’s marriage breakdown following claims he grew close to another woman.

The Liar actor, 47, confirmed his split from wife Alice Evans, 49, after she made a string of claims about him online.

His mum Margaret Griffiths, 73, has now spoken of her sadness at the collapse of her son's 13-year marriage.

But she said the couple have vowed to “put their children first” amid the break-up and in the future.

Margaret also insisted there was no third party involved in the breakdown of their relationship.

Speaking from her cottage in Pentyrch near Cardiff, South Wales, she told The Sun Online: “It is very sad and we are all very sorry it has happened, of course.

“But the children will come first whatever happens, that’s for sure.”


She had several long distance phone calls with her movie star son in recent days and would “love to see him”.

But Margaret said any chance of meeting in person had been dashed by the coronavirus pandemic.

She added: “He’s over there (US) and we’re here and because of Covid, there’s no chance of seeing him for the time being.”

Asked if there was “anyone else”, she replied; “No, no, no.”

She also said her son was coping with the pressure of the break-up, saying: “Yes, he’s alright.”

It is very sad and we are all very sorry it has happened, of course

There is no evidence to suggest Ioan was ever unfaithful.

It comes after rumours suggested Ioan may have grown close to another woman while working in Australia.

The Welsh star spent three spells Down Under filming the TV drama Harrow, in which he plays a forensic pathologist alongside co-stars Anna Lise Phillips and Ella Newton.

A source told The Sun: “Ioan has just told his wife he’s decided it isn’t working and he wants to move on, but obviously, for her, there are a lot of questions over why.

“Within the industry there are a lot of raised eyebrows about whether things might be to do with his time working away in Australia.


“Obviously his career has taken him all over the world recently, which has put strain on the family for a while now — but the timing of this has set a lot of tongues wagging.”

The couple have two daughters, aged 11 and seven, and Alice said they were left “very confused and sad”.

The Sun told how, in a series of tweets, she accused Ioan of mentally torturing her before finally deciding to “leave his family”.

She told one follower: “I have lost my mind.”

Ioan said: “This is an incredibly difficult time for our family and we remain committed to our children.”

His dad Peter added: “We are very sad, particularly for our two granddaughters.”

Ioan and Alice met while filming the 2000 comedy movie 102 Dalmatians.

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