James Corden Crushes on Jeff Goldblum — and His Pecs — in Hilarious ‘Thank U, Next’ Parody

Thank u, Jeff.

During Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the television host found a unique way to thank Jeff Goldblum for appearing on the show that night — by recreating Ariana Grande’s music video for “Thank U, Next,” and making it all about crushing on the beloved actor.

In the hilarious parody, Corden took on some of the roles played by the 25-year-old singer in the video, which meant that he started things off by dressing up like Mean Girls’ Regina George and flipping through a lovingly curated book filled with photos from Goldbum’s acting career.

“First saw him in The Fly, but his face was grotesque / then he won independence from an alien mess / and in Thor: Ragnarok his performance was classic, but who could forget the hot doctor that he played in Jurassic?” Corden sings, while flipping through the book.

After listing a number of the 66-year-old actor’s numerous positive qualities, Corden delves into the chorus, singing, “Thank u, Jeff” and proclaiming that he was “so frickin grateful for his pecs.”

Giving the parody her seal of approval, Grande retweeted a video of the clip, and even asked if Corden could send her one of the props as a Christmas present.

“omg…… may i please….. please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. Promise,” she wrote.

In her new Billboard cover story, published Wednesday, Grande shared that she gave all of her exes a heads-up before she released the track last month — even her ex-fiancé, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

“I wasn’t going to blindside anybody,” she told the outlet.

The empowering song — which was written “mostly” in a week and also shouts out her exes Mac Miller, Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez — is her favorite track Grande has ever released.

“It’s me and my besties tipsy off champagne — and me with my broken heart — just letting it out and having fun,” she said. “I love this more than any other song I’ve ever put out.”

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