James Corden Pays Tribute to Jeff Goldblum with Glorious Ariana Grande Parody, 'Thank U, Jeff'

The hilarious parody of Grande’s smash hit features Goldblum himself as Corden playfully roles around on his teenage-girl bed and pays tribute to a screen legend.

Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure, and no on apparently understands that better than James Corden, who made him the subject of an original parody song on Wednesday night’s "Late Late Show."

The prolific actor was the subject of Corden’s impassioned "thank u, jeff," a tribute piece and blatant ripoff of Ariana Grande’s smash hit single, "thank u, next."

"First saw him in ‘The Fly,’ but his face was grotesque," Corden sings. "Then he won ‘Independence’ from an alien mess."

But what really made this whole performance work was the inclusion of Goldblum himself in Corden’s music video. Don’t get us wrong, we’d have been laughing our butts off at Corden lying in his high-school-teenage-girl bed and singing to the "Jurassic Park" actor by himself, but the inclusion of Goldblum throughout the piece elevates it to instant classic.

There’s a musical-theater sequence straight out of "Mean Girls" or any other ’90s teen film, with Corden and his backup dancers performing the chorus of this pleasing ditty, and who’s in the audience filming it on an old camcorder? None other than Jeff Goldblum.

"You’ve done so much for us here at the show, I just wanted to find a way to express my gratitude," Corden told him in the framing sequence set in Goldblum’s dressing room after the video had unfolded.

"Oh man, you sure did," Goldblum responded in his classic stammer. "Wow, consider it expressed."

He then got to the real root of the whole thing. "Can I ask? That journal, with all the pictures of me? Is that like your– Have you had that for awhile? You compiled that?"

The journal in question was absolutely adorable, more like a scrapbook from throughout Goldblum’s career, with still photos and drawings of his various iconic roles, including the classic shirtless image of him from "Jurassic Park" as a coloring book page, complete with nipples you can color in yourself.

If this book hasn’t been made available for purchase, this is a huge missed opportunity, James Corden! "’The Late Late Show’ Coloring and Scrapbook of Jeff Goldblum, as Compiled by James Corden." Now that’s a guaranteed bestseller. And proceeds could go to the victims of the Jurassic franchise of theme parks.

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